For many small-business owners, it is a constant challenge to maintain a steady flow of work along with a steady flow of customers in order to keep the lights on. Only 50% of small businesses last five years or more. That said, incorporating newer technologies can open new avenues for generating. If you’re in the screen printing, graphic tees, decorating, or the awards and engraving business, adding sublimation printing technology to your business operations can be enormously beneficial.

Here’s why.

You’re Already in the Business

You’re already in the printing/decorating business and adding sublimation printing tech will be a complementary investment. This is doubly true if you’re already familiar with how to operate a heat press. You already possess knowledge and expertise about the product and you already have an existing customer base. These two reasons alone make investing in sublimation printing a great move if you’re looking to grow your business.

The Cost of Entry is Low

If you’re worried you’re going to go out of pocket purchasing sublimation printing technology, you’d be mistaken. Sublimation printing is easily one of the most affordable printing technologies on the market. If you’ve already got a heat press in your shop, you’ll be seeing a cost of a few hundred dollars at most, plus the transfer papers and substrates.

If you’re considering what a smart business strategy would be when trying to incorporate sublimation printing, you should consider starting off with a small printer. This way, you can slowly integrate it into your business by building a demand for products that are printed using sublimation. As the number of orders for those products begin to stack up, you could opt for a slightly larger printer that’ll allow you to print more on a single sheet and by extension allow for printing on larger items. You could alternately purchase more than one printer to streamline production capacity. Carefully evaluate your production efficiency and speed when deciding on what to settle on.

Addressing Changing Expectations

Investing in sublimation printing will allow you to diversify your business in a market where expectations are changing. Whether a decoration business or any other kind of printing business, buying habits and customer expectations aren’t what they used to be.

By diversifying your business, you’ll be addressing your company’s strengths and weaknesses, assessing changing buying habits, and expected turnaround periods. You’ll be able to do all this, all the while you make headway expanding into new markets. Sublimation technology is flexible and easy to use and will allow you the space to manage small runs and turnarounds whenever you need to.

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