With the recent boom in the transfer industry, it can be difficult to settle on one company to provide you with your dye sublimation paper and ink and heat transfer paper needs. With so many to choose from, what makes JD the right company for you to do business with?


With an industry growing as quickly as the printing industry, there are many new companies springing up all over the world, all trying to get in on this exciting and innovative industry. That’s great, but with so many new companies out there, it can be hard to know who to trust. Guangdong Giant Tripod Technology Company Co., Ltd., JD’s parent company, was established in 1999, and have been studying transfer materials for over 15 years. With a history this long, you can be sure that you are choosing a company that knows what they are about when it comes to transfer materials.


JD INDUSTRIAL LIMITED works closely with JD Macao Technical Research Center, a subsidiary of Guangdong Giant Tripod Technology Company that focuses on developing new technologies to support business growth. This philosophy has led to us making many innovations in transfer printing, with their factories producing many related products. Being associated with such an advanced research facility means that JD can always provide you with the most up to date products and information related to the digital transfer printing industry. In an industry that changes as quickly as the transfer printing industry does, having the most up to date information can make a huge difference in how your business fares against competitors.


JD started in China, but over the course of the last few years, it has spread to many other countries. JD now has a stake in many countries including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Thailand, and others. When a company has been this successful worldwide, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you have chosen to deal with a well-established company. You do not have to worry about shopping around again, because JD is here to stay.

Customer Service

JD has some of the best customer service in the industry, with quick responses and ready solutions to any problems that may arise. We have a chat widget on our website, so during business hours we can answer any questions about our products in real time. If you have a problem with a sale, you can contact our After-Sales Servicer and receive a reply promptly, usually within two hours during business hours. JD works hard to keep our customers happy, and communication is the best way to do that.


JD, thanks to its wide reach and constant research and innovation, is able to offer the best and newest products on the market to our customers, often well before the competition. This on top of the fantastic customer service and the reassurance of working with a stable, established company easily sets Subtransfer paper well apart from the rest of the printing industry.