If you are interested in joining the world of custom printing, you need to learn what products it takes and what the process itself is. One of the most important products you need is sublimation paper. Below you will learn a little more about that this paper is, what is does, and how to tell if it is right for your project.


What it is


Sublimation paper is often times confused with heat transfer paper. Although it has the same concept, it still is a completely different material. Sublimation paper is a bit more complicated. However, don’t worry or let that scare you off. Just think the more work you put into something the better your product will be. Due to sublimation paper, you will get a cleaner, seamless custom product.


How it works


When the sublimation paper is heated to a certain degree, it then turns into a gas. This process is what ensures your image to be transferred perfectly onto the product. This gas is what gives you a clean, professional looking product. However, sublimation paper can only be used on polyester clothing. This is to make sure that there is not a difference in the feeling of the shirt or the image you have transferred onto it.


What can it be used on


Although this paper has to be used on polyester, it doesn’t limit your creative needs by much. The clothing is the only thing that has to be polyester. You can make coasters, pictures, jewelry, or anything your heart can imagine. When the correct dye is used with sublimation paper, the image you transfer will have vivid colors that won’t fade in time.


What all do you need


Sublimation paper can be tricky. Therefore, you are going to need a heat press that can get extremely hot. You will also need a printer that has the ability to print dye sublimation ink onto the paper. That way you can ensure that your product will come out in the best quality as well as look professional.


How to know the quality


There are so many sublimation papers out there that it is understandable to be overwhelmed. However, there are a few tips to help you determine if the quality is good or not.


  • It needs to be dry; moisture can cause bleeding in colors.
  • Transfer ratio needs to be 90 percent or higher to ensure a smooth transfer.
  • Vibrancy, this is necessary for paper, make sure it has a high vibrancy to make the colors pop.
  • Thickness, your printer must be able to handle the thickness to ensure proper printing.


This is just a little information about sublimation paper. If you think that, it is right for your projects don’t hesitate to look into it. If you go with sublimation paper instead of heat transfer paper, you will be glad you did. Though it cost a little more out of pocket, the difference in your product will be worth it.