That new-fangled sublimation printer

The dye-sublimation printer is a type of printer that uses the sublimation process to print ink on materials. It is also a type of printer that can be easily purchased at just about any major electronics retailer. A sublimation printer can print on all kinds of material, including fabrics and plastics. Using a heating method that goes on within the printer itself, the dye is heated and turned into a gaseous substance that can be printed onto material. Dye-sublimation printers nowadays can be hooked up to computer, making the printing much easier.

There are several different sublimation printing companies out there that are willing to help those aspiring t-shirt designers out, if they do not have a sublimation printer. Guangzhou JD Digital Technology Co.,Ltd. is one such company. JD Digital Technology offers customers the ability to create the right shirt with their sublimation printing technology. They also provide clients with the right kind of paper that can only be used on sublimation printers.

There are all kinds of services and businesses out there that will give someone their potentially great shirt that the clients themselves created. However, there are several methods lying around the average home that can help make that ideal shirt or any piece of clothing become a reality. A dye-sublimation printer will certainly help with this process. Because of the wide variety of materials that can be used to print, the dye-sublimation printer is often used to print designs and logos on t-shirts and other types of clothing.

The types of fabrics that can be used for this printing

However, the best possible fabric that someone should use for printing with the dye-sublimation process is anything with some form of polymeric fabric. This can include polyester, acrillics, nyons and spandex. For example, if someone were to print something on a t-shirt using dye-sublimation, it would have to be at least 60 percent polyester. It can be 40 cotton, 60 polyester, which a lot of shirts are.

It is considered the best fabric because of the thickness of polyester and the way it is able to absorb the ink better than anything 100 percent cotton. It can absorb the ink quicker and the material is also a lot less expensive than most people would think.

Aspiring designers look no further

A dye-sublimation printer, upon doing a quick Google search, is available at just about any online or in-store electronics retailer. After buying one and finding out what you can do with one, the purchaser will be happy to know that they can finally make that customized t-shirt that they have been looking to make for a while. Also, they will be able to do this without paying a lot for it because of the material that is going to be used. Overall, if someone out there is looking to get into the t-shirt designing business, than buying a dye-sublimation printer is worth it.