Dye sublimation printing is one of the ways used print images and designs on to other materials, such as paper, fabric, ceramic or plastic. This type of printing employs heat to transfer the sublimation ink onto the items. Popularity of this type of printing style is growing more and more as the printing industry grows. Knowledge over what exactly this process does may still be unknown or simply confusing for the public. So whether you are a member of the industry or a company looking at printing items using this process, here are some the uses sublimation may be good for.



  • For Variety of Items


At one point, sublimation ink was only used for industrial and commercial printing for medical and security purposes. Now the sublimation can be used for simpler photography in a wide range of events and in photo booths. It is available for use for printing on a variety of surfaces. You can now print on fabric and clothing like biking jerseys, uniforms, and t-shirts. There is also use for it on classic printing items, like ceramics, mugs, plates and key rings. Surprisingly, sublimation allows for printing on items like casino chips, surfboards, and for interior design. With the technology advances in this industry, customizing items has become easier with sublimation ink.


  • For High Quality Product


Another use for the sublimation ink is for creating products of higher quality. Not only is the ink part of a simple printing process for items but it also allows for a better all-around quality. The colors on items are much more vivid and vibrant. On t-shirts, the image or design becomes a part of the fabric, allowing it to last longer and look much better. The image resolution on the items is higher and much sharper. This new process transfer images using this ink and the respective paper to create high quality items of all types.

  • For Desktops or Larger Formats

In the same way that sublimation ink can be used for different items, the ink can be used in different formats. Depending on what type of items or photos are required, you can use the ink for a desktop or for a larger format. In the desktop format, the ink comes in smaller portions and is used in the same way that digital printing works. It is also possible to use the ink in the larger formats and in larger quantity. Ultimately, the uses for sublimation can come from the types of printers that the process uses.


The dye sublimation process has opened the doors for printing to be so much versatile than it used to. In addition, versatility allows it to be more accessible to the public. Sublimation has a use for the industrial and commercial areas of business. The ink has its uses in a variety of items, higher quality, and different formats. It enables printing to meet the needs of the industry, however different they may be. Understanding its uses can help you better decide if this printing process is right for you and what you want to do for your business.