Dye sublimation ink is quite versatile. If you are in the printing business or you need something unique created, this ink is likely to be the perfect solution for your needs. There are two main focuses of this ink use. The first is on textiles and soft fabrics. The second is on rigid surfaces. In short, if you have the right printer, you can use this type of ink in virtually any method you desire. Take a few minutes to consider how it can benefit you. What you may not know, though, is that this type of ink creates a high quality, incredible look on just about any surface. This flexibility can give you the confidence you need to choose it over other printing methods.
The Numerous Uses of Dye Sublimation Ink
This printing process, which is digital, uses heat to transfer dye onto materials. The process is fast, effective, and creates an affordable, but long lasting result. Take a look at the various ways it can be used:
• T-shirts: This is one of the most common uses for this type of ink because it is so versatile and affordable; use it for customized t-shirts for any type of event; options are available for both light and heavy weight fabrics
• Posters: Whether for commercial or personal use, dye sublimation ink works well on papers of all types which allow you to create a unique look with quality detailing
• Snowboards: Did you know you can create custom graphics and messages on snowboards (and other similar products) using this type of ink?
• Flags: It is possible to use these inks for a variety of flag needs on various types of fabric; create graphics or images of all types;
• 3D images: This ink can be used for 3D applications; with the right 3D printer, you can create fun images and stand out – literally – looks
• Promotional products: Give away a variety of promotional items at your next event with your logo or other message on them using this type of ink printing
• Point of sale products: For commercial needs, this type of ink can be used to create impressive looking displays for your point of sale needs; this includes both indoor and outdoor options
There are many other ways to use dye sublimation ink. You can also use it with other types of media including for photography and software applications. As a digital printing method, the right printer can used in virtually any need. Create a banner for your business. Use it to create a wrap or banner for a vehicle. There are many ways in which this product is used. Because of this versatility, it is quickly becoming one of the most sought after products for most needs when quality images and detail is important. Take the time to choose the right ink for the application you plan to use it in (there are some differences in products) and then count on an impressive result.