Tips | What to do if there is color registration in digital printing?

There will be some problems in digital printing, such as color registration, blur, pattern distortion, color overlap, etc. Generally speaking, digital printing is accurate. What is the reason for the chromatic printing? What are the solutions?

Reasons for color registration in digital printing:

1. The nozzle of the digital printing machine is not vertical;
2. The nozzle is in poor condition;
3. There is a problem with the printing height of the digital printing machine;
4. The digital printing machine is not adjusted properly in both directions;
5. Or the software data needs to be adjusted.

The above five reasons may cause color registration in digital printing. For this situation, the solutions are as follows:

When the nozzle is in poor condition, the nozzle needs to be cleaned with ink pressure. After observing that the sprayed cleaning fluid is in the shape of a continuous curtain of water, it means that the state of the nozzle is back to normal. If the nozzle is not vertical, physically calibrate the position to keep it vertical. In the case of not scratching the print head, try to reduce the print height of the print head, so that the printed pattern will be better. At the same time, if the parameter values ​​of the two-way printing of the device are not adjusted properly, the problem of printing cross-color will also occur. At this time, timely calibration is required.