Tips | What should I do if the output image of digital printing machine is slow drying?

In the rainy season, the ink of the digital printing machine’s output image is slow to dry, which affects the normal operation of the printer, so what should be done? Printing machine spray drawing is slow to dry, which can be solved in the following ways:


1. Choose a slower printing mode

The printing speed is slow, and the picture that has just been printed will stay in the air for a little longer, which gives enough time for the printing output picture to dry.


2. Adjust the indoor temperature

The main reason for the slow drying of the printing output pictures of the printing machine is that the air humidity is high. Appropriately reducing the air humidity can speed up the drying speed of the picture.


3. Turn on the external dryer

The output picture is dried by an external dryer system to speed up the drying speed of the output picture. When you turn on the external dryer for a long time, you must pay attention to the load of the socket. It is best to prepare another socket for connecting the external dryer.


When the printing surface of the printing machine is not completely dry, if the output image is rolled up, it will cause problems such as smudging, adhesion, and wrinkling of the drawing, which will cause the entire output image to be scrapped. So when the output image is not dry, you must be careful not to roll up the output image.