Tips | What should I do if the digital printing print head lacks color?


When we start our daily printer work, we need to test first, and when we are sure that the printer pattern and color are complete, we can proceed to the next work.



Because the digital printing machine has not been used for a short period of time, it has caused the phenomenon of lack of color, we must first remove the waste ink, and then inspect and clean the print head. But it should be noted that the number of cleaning nozzles can not be too many, less than three times.



If this phenomenon occurs when the digital printing machine has not been used for a long time, then we must use a special nozzle cleaning agent to clean the nozzle. Here to remind everyone that we are going to use the cleaning agent recommended by the manufacturer. Do not use other cleaning agents at will to avoid irreparable damage to the nozzle.



Check whether the continuous ink supply has not been cleaned for a long time and there is a color shortage. We will clean the ink bottle corresponding to the lack of color to the small ink cartridge thoroughly, and then refill the ink. If the lack of color still occurs, the continuous ink supply needs to be replaced.



Using drawing software to create color blocks of missing colors, and then repeat printing, can also achieve a certain effect.