Tips | What should I do if the digital printer prints and shows that it is not online?


Check whether the digital printing machine is online. If the digital printing machine is not online, it will naturally not be able to print accordingly. The solution is to ensure that the digital printing machine is powered on, and then online operation is enough;

The digital printing machine is set to suspend printing, and the digital printing machine cannot accept the command to work. The solution is very simple, just enter the digital printing machine printing software operating system to cancel the pause printing setting;

Check whether the computer has set the digital printing machine as the default printer. After the computer sends a print command, the printing program will send the current content to be printed to the default digital printing machine for printing. Not responding. The solution is very simple, just set the digital printer as the default printer in the computer printing program;


If the digital printer still does not respond after setting it as the default printer, it may be that the print port setting in the printing program used by the digital printer is not appropriate. The solution is to open the printer’s printing software and set an appropriate printing port for the digital printer;


If the above methods still do not solve the problem, it is possible that the output print content is incorrect, causing problems when the program is output and cannot be printed. The solution is to use other programs to print the content to determine whether the content is correct, and to ensure that the printed content is correct, then print.