Tips | What are the ways to save ink in digital printing?

Ink is one of the largest consumables in digital printing production, and it accounts for a part of the production cost. Many manufacturers want to save costs from ink. So is there any way to save ink in digital printing? You can start from four aspects.

1. Try to focus on printing: When using a digital direct-injection printer, it is usually printed every few minutes. If you need a large amount of printing, it is recommended to print together. Because every time the machine is started, the print head of the digital printing equipment must be cleaned, the digital direct-injection printing machine must be initialized, and the ink supply system must be refilled. This process uses a lot of ink, so try not to start the machine frequently. You can collect the fragmented file printing tasks and print them together. Don’t switch the machine randomly in the middle, which can save ink consumption, and it is best to reduce the number of times of switching on and off the digital printing machine.

2. Set the print mode correctly: Generally speaking, we do not need to print with special fineness in many times, as long as it can achieve the required clarity is enough. Therefore, you can choose the printing mode before printing, which can save ink relatively effectively. Generally speaking, there are at least two or three printing modes. The finer the print quality, the more ink is needed, and the less ink is needed; therefore, if there is no special requirement for printing, it is generally better to choose the production mode.

3. Correctly clean the print head: most digital printing machines will automatically clean the printer nozzle when it is started, and there are buttons to clean the printer nozzle. If the automatic cleaning function of the device is invalid, you can manually clean the print head, which can save a lot of ink. Kindly reminder, if there are residues accumulated next to the jet hole, you can use a soft paste product to remove it. The integrated print head that has been left unused for a long time will block the jet hole due to the dry ink. It can be soaked in hot water before cleaning.

4. Reset the sensor: Most digital printing machines use the sensor to detect the ink content in the ink cartridge. As long as the sensor detects that the ink volume of one of the colors is less than the value set in the digital printer, it will automatically appear to be replaced Tips for ink. So, at this time, we can take out the ink cartridge and reset the sensor inside the digital printing machine. After the ink in the ink cartridge is used up, replace it with a new one, which can save a lot of ink.

The above are the four tips for saving ink in digital printing. In order to reduce the waste of ink, pay more attention to these four issues when printing.