Tips | What are the issues that need to be paid attention to when using digital printing machines?

1. Pay attention to the protection of static electricity

Digital printing is greatly affected by static electricity, especially in winter, so you can’t touch the nozzle directly with your hands. It is also necessary to check the connection of the ground wire regularly, and properly sprinkle a little salt water around the ground wire.


2. Do not use inks and cleaning fluids that are of poor quality

Digital printing printing will use a lot of ink, if the ink does not turn off, it is easy to block the nozzle. The print head of the digital printing machine needs to be cleaned after printing for a period of time. Generally, a cleaning fluid is used. If the quality of the cleaning fluid is not good enough, the print head will be damaged.


3. Change the ink at will without cleaning

Even if it is the same ink, the composition of ink produced by different manufacturers is different. If the ink is not cleaned first and then replaced, more particles may be produced, which may clog the nozzles. So before replacing the ink, you must clean the print head.


4. Leave the cleaning fluid in the nozzle for more than two days and nights or longer

The cleaning fluid has a long ink jet time and can effectively remove stains, but if the soaking time exceeds 48 hours, it will cause corrosion of the nozzle holes.


5. Disassembling and assembling the nozzle without electricity

Install and disassemble the circuit of the digital printing machine at will without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power supply. This behavior will damage the service life of the various systems, especially the nozzles.