Tips | How to make the digital printing machine print pure black?

1. The color mode of the image file saved when the image is designed

When designing the image screen, please set the file to CMYK image mode, digital printing requires the use of CMYK mode, be careful not to use RGB mode. If it is RGB image mode, you can use PS and other related image processing software to convert the image file to CMYK image mode to ensure that black can be printed in a better four-color mode.

2. Setting of black CMYK four-color gamut value

Four-color black is used for digital printing, and single-color black cannot be used, so that the picture can be clear. The default CMYK color gamut values ​​for digital printing machine to print black are: C: 0, M: 0, Y: 0, K: 100. When printing, the machine sprays blue on the bottom layer, and black on the top layer. If the digital printing machine is set to use the lowest amount of black ink, then the black that is sprayed out is not pure black, but dark blue. Only when the amount of black ink used is set to medium, the spray is black.

So when designing the picture, we can set the black part as C: 66, M: 66, Y: 66, K: 100, or C: 30, M: 30, Y: 30, K: 100, in order to make the digital printing machine work The black color of the printed output is more perfect.