Tips | How to maintain the ink system of the digital printing machine?

The ink circuit system includes ink bottles, ink tubes, negative pressure systems, ink circulation, ink sacs, nozzles, etc. Most of the faults encountered by digital printing machines are concentrated in the ink circuit system. How should this system be maintained? The basic operation has the following four steps:

1.When a certain color cannot be printed at all, please check whether there is ink in the ink sac or the nozzle is clogged.

2.A single ink cartridge cannot be completely empty. When the ink level indicator on the control panel of the digital printing machine is on, please pay attention to the ink capacity, and replace the ink cartridge immediately with a maximum of 2 meters to avoid air entering the ink tube.

3.When there are bubbles in the ink tube, these bubbles should be eliminated. Each ink cartridge must have at least 50% ink during operation. Clear the waste ink tank and then turn off the digital printing machine.

4.When the nozzle of the digital printing machine is clogged, the nozzle should be cleaned immediately. The specific operation can use the “direct nozzle cleaning function” in the equipment. If you can’t clean it after cleaning two or three times, please use the “direct powerful cleaning” function directly. When cleaning with this method, when there is an English prompt on the control panel of the digital printing machine, please put on the ink sticks that fix the ink cartridges on both sides, and the digital printing machine wait When there is an English prompt on the panel for a while, please lower the ink stick and repeat this two or three times. After cleaning, check the result with the “Print nozzle pattern” function.

The digital printing ink system is prone to failure, so daily maintenance work is required. In addition, the third point of maintenance operation should be used with caution, unskilled people are likely to damage the ink tube.