Tips | How to maintain the digital printing machine in a humid environment?

The production environment of the digital printing machine requires a dry and dust-free environment. If the digital printing machine is kept in a humid environment for a long time, some parts inside the digital printing machine will be corroded by moisture, which is prone to short-circuit. So how to maintain the digital printing machine in a humid environment?


Moisture-proof measures should be taken in the production workshop, and ventilation openings such as doors and windows must be closed when leaving get off work at night to prevent moisture such as morning fog and morning frost from being sucked into the workshop.


After get off work, cover the digital printing machine with a dust-proof cloth. The function of the dust-proof cloth is not only to prevent dust, but also to prevent moisture, so as to prevent damp air and dust from entering the digital printing machine and cause short circuits of related circuit boards and components.


The related printing media consumables must be stored in a dry environment, because the printing media is easy to absorb moisture and become damp, and the damp media can easily cause the ink to spread. Therefore, when the material is not used up, it should be put back in the original packaging, and try not to contact the ground and walls.


If possible, it is recommended to equip the working environment of the digital printing machine processing workshop with a good exhaust fan, and it is also possible to install an air conditioner to start the dehumidification mode, but the effect is relatively general. If the humidity is serious, it is recommended to install a dehumidifier.