Can dark fabrics be produced with digital printing technology?

can. There are two main production methods for dark fabrics, digital heat transfer and paint digital direct-injection printing, only for pattern printing or garment printing.

01Dark cloth digital heat transfer printing

The dark cloth digital heat transfer is to first print the graphics and text on the special dark heat transfer paper (white side) by direct inkjet, then use scissors or a cutting plotter to remove the white edges, and then tear off the back printing bottom paper , The pattern face up, cover with high temperature greased paper, and finally heat and press, tear off the greased paper. It can only be printed in one piece.


02Dark cloth paint digital direct injection printing

The dark cloth paint digital direct-injection printing process is to first replace the white ink of the spray-printing base with the screen printing white glue, and then spray the color paint ink to form the pattern by the paint digital direct-injection printing machine, and finally fix the color at high temperature. Can be printed in batches. Digital direct-injection printing of dark cloth paint can realize dark-colored ready-to-wear printing. The fabric is first pulled out and then printed in color.

However, the general paint digital direct-injection printing fabrics are not soft enough and the color fastness is not enough. It is recommended to add the paint digital printing color enhancer ppg03 to improve the texture of the fabric, improve the color fastness and increase the vividness of the color.