How to Use Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper

Sublimation transfer paper is coated with a special chemical that transfers any printed images on the paper to another material or surface when placed under heated pressure. 

Sublimationpaper can be used for transferring chemical fiber, blending textiles especially for 

elastic textile.

Sublimation, as a process is really very simple. It is the method of applying a dye printed image to a specially coated surface like ceramics, metals and polyester cloth, using three main ingredients: sublimation ink, Sublimation transfer paper, heat and pressure.this transfer can withstand sun and rain do not fade, and be bright color, structured, three-dimensional sense.

As Sublimation fabric fibers dyed in-depth, so after the transfer of the fabric,you feel no additional touch, it does not alter the original fabric texture and feel, the original soft fabric after the transfer will still be soft as ever.

Our Tacky Type Sublimation Paper it is meant for fabrics, and when it is pressed, it tacks to the fabric. This helps, as the paper will not shift when the heat press is opened, therefore you will be less apt to have ghosting of the image.


a.Print images by sublimation ink on sublimation transfer paper and wait until ink is dry.

b.Place the printed face on the textile, heat and press them by flat or roller pressing machine under the temperature of 210C degree to 220C degree for 20s-25s. At this time our paper will stick on the textile.

c.After heating, wait until paper and textile cooling and tear off the paper from

the textile. You will find the image is transferred to the textile clearly.


(1)Make sure the ink of the image dry before doing the transfer.

(2)Do not leave our sublimation paper under high temperature environment before doing the transfer. 

Otherwise it will affect the viscosity of our sublimation paper.

(3)Different humidity affects the viscosity of sublimation paper. If paper sticks too fast on the cloth after printing, waiting 3-5 min or more until the cloth is totally cool and tearing.

STORAGE:Please make sure to store sublimation paper under the following requirement:Humidity: 

less than 70%.Avoid direct sunlight