Sublimation printing is an eco-friendly digital printing method that uses heat transfer to create personalized branding items like polymer-based clothing items, coffee mugs, pens, napkins, etc.

Sublimation printing requires: dye sublimation heat transfer paper, a digital sublimation printer, and most importantly, quality sublimation ink.  

The dye sublimation ink is what gives the prints their sharp lines and vibrant colors. The sublimation ink available at Jind Group Limited is compatible with Epson, Roland, Mutoh, and Mimaki printers and works incredibly well with numerous types of fabrics.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled the top 10 digital sublimation ink brands that create lasting imprints.

INKJD Dye Sublimation Ink

Jind Group’s dye sublimation ink offers exemplary color quality and withstands wear-and-tear and general color fading. Since it consists of some of the densest blacks, you get seamless tonal graduation and intricate, detailed graphics.

Printer’s Jack Sublimation Ink for Epson Inkjet Printers

This heat transfer dye-sub printer ink is suitable for T-shirts, pillow cases, clothes, quilts, mugs, cups, cross-stitch, ceramics, bags, flags, banners, decorative cloths, etc.

This 3-layered filtered ink is made especially for heat press transfer printers and ensures the print is smooth and refined.


The 4 ink supply system is compatible with a number of printers and can be used as pigment ink, sublimation ink, or dye ink. The ink has a long lifespan and provides smooth and fast results.

PJ Anti-UV Sublimation Ink

Ideal for professional-grade heat transfer, this sublimation ink is water-proof, vibrant, and lasts on all surfaces. It also maintains high-efficiency with anti-UV protection.

Epson Workforce WF Sublimation Ink

This dye-sub ink works incredibly well with Workforce WF printer models and is suitable for heat press machines. You get 240ml multi-color ink jars and 4 different easy-to-use refillable cartridges.


This dye sublimation ink includes basic colors of Black, Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan. They’re easy to install and refill and don’t require special drivers or software. This dye-sub ink works best with EcoTank printers.

CISS Ink System

Formulated particularly for the Epson C88 and C88, this empty CISS system only works for these two Epson models. They’re installed externally and come in 4 different colors, 2 tube holders, and 4 syringes.

Inktec Dye Sublimation Ink

Inktec’s 4 color dye-sub ink is known for its high-quality performance and easy filling. It is used for direct to garment printing and applying to ceramics and polyester fabrics, offering excellent color match and long-lasting vibrant colors.

Kiian Digistar Hi-Pro Sublimation Printing Inks

This dye sublimation ink system is compatible with a number of traditional and modern printers, guaranteeing crisp, satisfying results. With Kiian Hi-pro sublimation ink, you get direct and pigmented ink for digital textile printing.

J-Teck J-Next Dye Sublimation Ink

J-Teck J-next SUBLY Extra JXS-65 sublimation  ink  is a water-based ink used for polyester textile and other materials like sportswear, uniforms, costumes, skateboards, windsurfs, and snowboards etc.

Jind Group Limited offers high-quality dye sublimation supplies for your textile printing business, including dye sublimation paper and dye sublimation ink, inkjet heat transfer paper, digital sublimation printers, and more.

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