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Dye Sublimation Paper

Dye Sublimation Paper

Guangzhou JD Digital Technology Co. Ltd is dedicated to providing our clients with premium quality products for sublimation printing.

JD ensures excellent quality results in sublimation printing; the highest cost efficient and consistent reliability. JD papers are designed for maximum, consistent color transfer with minimum ink consumption. They are also designed to be universal, which makes them suitable for use with all common printing systems available on the market, from the latest commercial printers to your normal digital printers. We provide the right product which works well with water-based sublimation ink.
To enable you to make optimal use of the potential, of the latest generations of printers and inks, we are always working to improve and further develop our sublimation paper. See for yourself, and you will be convinced by the performance and reliability of JD with regard to color transfer, line sharpness and runnability.


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    Buy the Best Quality Dye Sublimation Paper

    Our sublimation paper is designed to be compatible with all common printing purposes. Well-suited for all printing systems and with a wide range of inks (water-based or solvent/oil based), our dye sublimation paper allows users to transfer their designs on to the product perfectly, without any concerns of cockling or ghosting.

    Cost-efficient and consistently reliable, the dye sublimation paper from JD delivers a uniform color transfer with minimum ink consumption.

    Quality Guaranteed

    JD is always exploring new ways to make sublimation printing easier and affordable for our clients. Our research team is always in the process of improving the quality of our sublimation papers, so they can be compatible with the latest generations of printers and inks.

    Rest assured, our products deliver on our promise of reliability and performance with regards to runnability, line sharpness, and crisp color transfer.

    Superior Color Vibrancy

    Our sublimation papers are coated with a special formula that ensures flawless adhesion between the ink and the paper’s surface. This results in an increased transfer rate and a more satisfying uniform print.

    Precise Results

    Designed to be reliable and compatible with all print service provider’s processes, JD paper allows for a more homogeneous color transition, thanks to a special solution that’s applied to the paper which allows the product to bond with the textile surface during the design transfer. This allows for better sharpness in print in a shorter production time.

    Reliable Compatibility

    JD paper is compatible for use with the latest generation of printers as well as older models. The research team at JD also updates their product’s manufacturing process in keeping with any technological upgrades, so clients can use the paper without any concerns over printing and results.

    Cost and Time-Effective

    The sublimation paper offers a shorter transfer time and faster

    print production, thus reducing the cost of printing and machine use, as well as time. Ink consumption is also minimized without any subsequent effect on color brilliance.

    Usability for Extra-Wide Formats

    The paper’s high stability makes it compatible with extra-wide formats, up to 3.20m.

    Reliability in Production

    Thanks to the paper’s special coating, the ink penetrates it in a more controlled manner, thus minimizing wet cockling and corrugation during printing. In addition, the tack-effort of JD SPORT-TACK when heated in the calendar minimizes any textile shrinkage during the printing process. The paper’s adaptability with various printing requirements and reprints also minimizes any chances of non-compliance and quality fluctuations.



    • Lycra material
    • Polyamide
    • Swim and surf wear
    • Sports
    • Functional textiles

    Home Usage:

    • Cushions
    • Table covers
    • Towel cleaners
    • Curtains
    • Blinds etc

    Advertising and Marketing Purposes:

    • Banners
    • Felts
    • Gaming Tables
    • Flags etc

    Additional Application Details:

    Sublimation heat transfer paper is used to transfer images to special processed chemical fiber, polyester, cotton content below 40% blended fabrics,mugs, banner , flag , ribbon , bags ,clothers , ceramic , glass ,name plates, lanyards, mouse pads, license plates.

    Average Size

    Width(mm) Length(m) Core Carton Size(mm) Rolls/Carton G.W.
    210(8.3inch) 80/100/150/200/300 2’’/3’’ 330*330*450 9 rolls 19 kg
    420(16.5inch) 80/100/150/200/300 2’’/3’’ 330*330*450 4 rolls 19kg
    610(24inch) 80/100/150/200/300 2’’/3’’ 660*330*160 2rolls 14kg
    914(36inch) 80/100/150/200/300 2’’/3’’ 940*330*160 2rolls 21kg
    1118(44inch) 80/100/150/200/300 2’’/3’’ 1160*170*170 1roll 13kg
    1300(51inch) 80/100/150/200/300 2’’/3’’ 1340*170*170 1roll 15kg
    1370(54inch) 80/100/150/200/300 2’’/3’’ 1380*170*170 1roll 16kg
    1600(63inch) 80/100/150/200/300 2’’/3’’ 1650*170*170 1roll 18kg
    1620(64inch) 80/100/150/200/300 2’’/3’’ 1650*170*170 1roll 18kg
    1830(72inch) 80/100/150/200/300 2’’/3’’ 1850*170*170 1roll 21kg
    2390(94inch) 80/100/150/200/300 2’’/3’’ 2420*170*170 1roll 28kg
    3200(126inch) 80/100/150/200/300 2’’/3’’ 2420*170*170 1roll 38kg
    Printer Suitable for inkjet printers, Epson, Roland, Mutoh, Enead, Mimaki, Hp
    Ink Support All kinds of Sublimation Dye Ink
    Packing Inner with PP film, outer with carton, reinforce with wooden pallets.
    OEM Packing also been accepted.
    Packing & Storage
    All JD products must be kept in their original packaging when stored or transported. When needed, unpack the rolls at least two days prior to printing to acclimatize it. Unpacking should be conducted in the printing room. The print room climate should be 23°C / 73°F and 40-45% relative humidity.

    All our Sublimation Paper Category

    45gsm/58gsm super-thin sublimation paper

    -Perfect for low ink consuming printings
    -Effectively reducing the printing cost
    -Minimize paper cockling and high flatness

    70&80&90&100gsm Fast Dry Sublimation Paper

    – Fast absorption and instant drying
    -High ink load and transfer rate
    -Adapt to variety of applications

    110&120&130&140gsm Super-Thick Sublimation Paper

    – High ink amount printing
    -Higher transfer rate
    -Superb transfer yield and color gamut

    70&80&90&100gsm Sticky/ Tacky Sublimation Paper

    – More suitable for elastic fabrics

    -Higher eliminates ghosting and blurring issues

    -High transfer rate and detailed patterns of work

    50&60&70&80gsm Jumbo Roll Sublimation Paper

    – Suitable for high speed printer

    -Jumbo Roll continous Printing

    -No dust &well clean surface

    -For MS JP4/5/6/7 and all kinds of high speed inkjet printer

    Large Width Sublimation Paper Maxium To 3.3m

    Suitalbe for large format printer, flag transfer printing


    Printing : Unpack the wrapping vinyl one day prior to printing in the printing room to acclimatize. Image side could be wounded by the outside of the roll. So, make adequate size of image for the paper width. The printed paper should be sufficiently dry before the transfer. Our paper has excellent performance of holding inks even at the high speed printing mode.

    Printer and Ink Compatibility :

    Our paper has been tested and work successfully on the most famous brands of inkjet printing
    systems equipped with dye sublimation inks. All Pieze Electric Drop on Demand printers like Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland printers have provided really excellent results with our paper.

    Printer Setting :

    Recommend a Heavy Coated Paper print mode for all printer brands and models. Do not oversaturate the paper. Use ICC Profiles to optimize your particular printer/ink/RIP setup

    Press Setting :

    Recommend a little more pressure and temperature in 100gsm sticky pressing. Pressing time and temperature shall be differently applied in accordance with the substances. It is also important to check the quality of heat transfer press machine.


    Guangzhou JD Digital Technology Co.,Ltd. is the top sublimation paper factory in China. We have more than 10 years’ history in producing transfer papers. We have our own research center, production lines and quality management center. Our research center has studied in transfer materials for more than 15 years.In order to meet the market demand, we are innovating time after time, developing new generation of sublimation paper.
    *Advanced high-speed coating machines,rewinding and cutting machines
    *Full set of testing inspection equipment and quality certification
    *Large warehouse and shorter delivery time
    *Products Quality Approved




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    JD is the top sublimation transfer paper manufacturer in China. It have 12 years’ history in producing sublimation transfer paper. Have own research center, production lines and quality management center.


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