We see a lot of digital imagery nowadays popping up everywhere thanks to the rapid advances in technology and gradual diversification of industries like digital printing and apparel. Dye-sublimation printers are on the rise, offering various uses and being utilized in many markets.

Here are some important things to know about sublimation paper and how they are able to create a remarkable difference in the final results:

Possibility to Use Sublimation on Various Materials

Sublimation printers use sublimation paper to create detailed designs with bright and eye-catching colors. Here are some materials where dye-sublimation can be used to increase appeal and attraction:

  • Fabrics – all types of woven and knit range of 100% polyester fabrics.
  • Rigid Substrates – dye-sublimation can be used on aluminum, acrylic, glass, brass, plastic, and hardboard sheet materials treated by polymers.
  • Ceramics – create customize tiles for bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, restaurants, museums and offices.
  • Rigid Products – custom branding for your business comes easy with dye sublimation on key chains, light switch plates, mouse pads, pet bowls, Smartphone cases and many more.

The Process

In order to create high quality photographic output through sublimation printing, dye sublimation printers are put to work. The printers use films containing dyes, these can be either a single film containing a 4 layers of cyan, gray, magenta and yellow pigments or an altogether four separate films for each color.

During the printing process the films are placed on sublimation paper. This will cause the solid pigments in powdery form to become infused with the porous paper where they re-solidify.

This means that the colors are able to sublime on the paper instead of appearing as little dots. Due to this the pixels are more evenly spread, making the end image appear more blended with a natural appearance. It eventually takes a 1200 dpi printer to get a resolution of 300 dpi which the dye-sub printer is capable of easily.

Since sublimation requires a high level of temperature and pressure, a heat press is used to press the item. A commercial heat press is at time most effective when sublimating items like pet bowls and glass items.

Incredible Uses

Sublimation paper has various applications, such as:

  • Creating Designs for Tapestries — a lot time and money can be saved by making many satisfying and fantastic images and designs.
  • Extraordinary Campaign Materials — Chose the correct type of sublimation paper to apply to various products and create designs in bulk quantities for election campaigns and marketing schemes.
  • Medical Imaging — Medical problems can be documented to reveal images that scarcely show up on other screens and materials. The sublimation paper has the ability to magnify and provide a clear medical image.

Dye sublimation is an incredible process that can be used for both metal and wood products as well. Inkjet printers use laser to fuse ink into the paper to achieve an overall glossy finish. With this, there is no limit to what can be printed.