When reading about the challenges pertaining to sublimation printing, you might’ve come across banding and ghosting. They’re the two most common problems that many sub printing experts face.

But there’s another issue that you might face when trying to imprint a high-quality image onto the substrate—paper curling. The sub printing technique requires two main items to work: sublimation ink dyes and transfer papers. Procuring top-notch and authentic supplies ensure excellent delivery and quality. However, failure to meet sublimation printer’s requirements can lead to frustrating nuisances like paper curls and material wastage.

Let’s delve deeper and understand why paper curling occurs and what you can do to prevent this issue.

Top 3 Reasons that Causes Transfer Papers to Curl

The top three reasons that lead to paper curling during the sublimation printing process are:

1. Poor Quality

Choosing the right sublimation paper is one of the most critical steps. Several factors, such as the paper’s quality, smoothness, weight, stiffness, electrical and thermal resistivity, and curl moisture play a vital part in determining seamless ink delivery onto the substrate.

Make sure that you buy sublimation and heat transfer papers from a trusted supplier to produce high-quality, fast printed products.

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2. Improper Storage

Many sub printing businesses overlook the significance of proper storage. Keeping your sublimation paper in a humid, warm environment can compromise its integrity, leaving room for curls. It allows the paper to absorb moisture from the environment, making it stick to the printing band and keeps it from transferring dyes without curling.

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3. A Malfunctioning Fuser

If your sublimation printer is old and has been facing issues lately, there’s a higher chance of paper curling. Paper curls can be caused by heat and disturbed temperature controls. Maintaining a lesser amount of heat is essential because cooler temperature reduces moisture and eliminates the curling risk.

How to Prevent Sublimation Paper Curls?

Our finest quality sublimation transfer paper uses a cutting-edge sublimation base prepared from natural wood pulp. Since the paper has elongated fiber length compared to an offset paper, paper curls are therefore eliminated, and high performance and scalability is ensured.

Moreover, you can use double-sided coating, AKA anti-curl coating. It provides better adhesion to the substrate and the ink belt and reduces curls.

Additionally, always ensure that you buy quality sublimation printing supplies if you want to enhance productivity rate and protect your sublimation printers from damage.

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