When it comes to choosing the right options for everything from tee-shirt designs to printing graphics on your coffee mugs, people can tell you that sublimation paper is by and far, your best option. There are plenty of reasons that people choose this type of transfer paper over other methods. Read on below for the types of tee shirt making techniques for example and the reasons that this type of paper is the best one to choose over all other options.

Iron On Transfers

Iron on transfers are the best for novices and people that aren’t quite sure what they should do when creating their tee shirts.

Pros: It is an easy method, so anyone can use it. You don’t have to have any machinery or special inks.

Cons: The biggest con to iron on transfers is that the transfer paper you get in department stores are often very low quality. There is also no way to trim down your image so there is no background around it.


Sublimation paper is said to be the best option around for any type of tee-shirt design. There are so many advantages to using sublimation over other kinds that it is hard to list them all. Below you will find a couple and a couple of the cons as well.


  • Easy to use
  • All you have to do is print in reverse and then press it onto the tee-shirt
  • You can use any image
  • You don’t have to remove any of the image that you don’t want on the tee-shirt
  • The only image that comes through on the tee shirt is the part that you printed.

Of course, where there are advantages there are disadvantages as well. Read on for a few of those hear.


  • It can be costly to get set up. However, once you pay for and set up the equipment the rest is easy.
  • You have to use the right fabric or the image will not set in the way that it should.
  • Only works for light or very, very white tee shirts, so you can’t use dark colors.

These are a few of the pros and cons of sublimation paper. It is clear that so far it stands out heads and tails above the rest.

Silk Screen

Another popular process is silkscreen transfer. It is also the most common form of tee-shirt design. Pros and cons are listed below.

Pros: The process is very clean and bright. You can be sure that the colors will really pop on your tee shirt, when you are done.

Cons: Can be quite expensive, if you want to run more than one color.

These are just a few of the reasons that sublimation paper is the best form of transfer paper available. Silkscreen is fine and iron on transfers are easy to do and cheap. However, if you want the process done right and your colors to really pop, sublimation is the best way to go for everyone.