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Laser Water-Slide Decal Paper (Copy)

Laser Water-Slide Decal Paper (Copy)


Printable Water Slide Transfer Paper for Laser Printer

From monograms and logos to elaborate designs, one of the hottest trends of today is a personalized item. One economical way to personalize just about anything is with a decal. Water transfer decals are used on ceramics, furniture, and even baseball bats. They provide a smooth, ultra thin surface that is ideal for many applications.

Laser/Copier Water-Slide Model Decal Paper

Create your own water slide model decals for planes, trains & automobiles! Develop your own water mount model decals for detailed model projects like model railroads, die-cast cars, ships, vehicles, rockets, airplanes, etc. Water slip decals can help to customize your models with signature stripes, logos, initials, and signs to make each creation an original.

Model decals are simple and easy to print using the following:

  • Alps Printer
  • Laser Printer
  • Color Copier


Laser Water-Slide Decal Paper

  • Create your very own water slide decals, using your laser printer with our laser water-slide decal paper.
  • Turn your very own custom designs into decals, using this very easy to use laser decal paper.
  • These decals may be applied onto almost any smooth, non-porous surface.
  • Glass, metal, ceramic ware (for decorative purposes), wood, furniture, candles, soap, model airplanes, model railroads, die-cast cars, fishing rods, picture frames, book covers, albums and appliances are just some examples of where laser water-slide decals may be applied.
  • These decorative non-fire laser water-slide decals make arts and crafts projects fun and easy.
  • Your imagination is your only limit, when you use our laser water-slide decal paper.
  • We produce two types of laser water-slide decal paper which is transparent type and white type


  1. Create your image using a computer graphics program. You can choose from clip art, one of your own photos, or create a drawing to scan into your program.
  2. Use your graphics program to resize and crop your design. Make sure the design will fit comfortably on your chosen item without folding or wrinkling.
  3. Set your image print standard to the highest resolution and glossy paper setting, and print your design using water-slide decal transfer paper. Be sure to follow any instructions provided. If you have included white in your decal design, you will have to use transfer paper specially designed for this purpose, because standard transfer paper makes white areas transparent, and your printer cannot print the color white.
  4. Spray your decal with a clear acrylic coating to protect and preserve the design. Once the coating has dried, cut around the design, being careful not to cut into the image. If you are using white transfer paper, you will have a small white border around your image.
  5. Submerge the decal in water for approximately one minute, or according to the manufacture’s instructions. Slide the decal from its backing onto the surface of your chosen item and allow to dry. You now have a one-of-a-kind item to enjoy or share.

Water Slide Decal Papers for Inkjet Printing
We are also top providers of water slide decal papers for inkjet printers. JD Industrial offers water transfer papers at reasonable rates and great quality! Available in white and transparent types, these water slide decal papers can be used on any surface that is smooth and non-porous. From kitchen appliances to ceramic objects, they’re the best resource for transferring custom designs to personalize items.

Tips & Warnings


  • Graphics programs come supplied with a wide variety of fonts that make perfect monograms to use in your designs.


  • Ceramic pieces should be hand washed and are not suitable for use with food items.

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