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DTF Printer

DTF Printer




RIP Software:Maintop6.1  Photoprint  Print Fatory  Hemo Driver

Print  header:EPSON-13200A1


Print Accuracy/speed

4pass:14m2/hour  4pass:32m2/hour

6pass:9m2/hour  6pass:20m2/小时/hour

8pass:5m2/hour  8pass:14m2/hour

Operation Environments:Temperatur:20C-30C;Humidity:30%RH-60%RH

Height of Worktable: 1062mm

Ink: DYE\DTF\Sublimation ink\UV

Dimensions of Printer(L x W x H):L1785×W790×H1613mm

Print: PP Synthesized paper\PET film and so on

(Dimensions of Packing)(L x W x H):L1880xW970xH740mm

Maximum Width:620mm

Printer:USB 2.0

Gross Weight:200KG Net Weight:180KG

dtf printer

Item Model: JD-1250

Powder: AC110V+/-10%、AC220V+/-10%、50/60+/Hz

Print Nozzle:EPSON-13200A1  13200E1  13200U1

Operation Environments:Temperatur:20C-30℃ Humidity:30%RH-60%Rt

Print Accuracy/speed: 4pass:35m2/hour;4pass:65m2/hour

6pass:25m2/hour; 6pass:54m2/hour

8pass:16m2/hour  8pass:48m2/hour

Powder: Printing 200W, heater 450W,dryer1800W

INK:UV DYE\DTF\Sublimation ink\UV

Height of Worktable:1062mm

Print:PP Synthesized paper\PET film\Digital printing paper

Dimensions of Printer(L x W x H):L2485xW955×H1573mm

Maximum Width:1250mm

(Dimensions of Packing)(L x Wx H):L2570xW1030×H730mm

Printer: USB2.0

Net Weight:270KG

RIP Software:Maintop6.1;Photoprint  Print Factory  Hemo Driver

Gross Weight:300KG


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