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DTF Hot Melt Powder

DTF Hot Melt Powder


DTF Hot Melt Powder

Unlike DTG technology, DTF requires no pre-treatment.The most important factor is DTF Powder.  DTF powders are specially designed to use with DTF printing process. The powder comes with 1kg/pack. Our DTF powders are slow drying and easy to cold tear. Which will help you get excellent transfer printing results.

Hot melt powder(DTF powders) are specially designed to use with DTF printing.(Directly transfer film) Printing.  Heated powder can turn to be viscous material which is easier to transfer the patterns from film onto the products surface.

The powder come with 1kg/pack.
The Feel of clothes depended on the types of powder you are using and the thickness of your ink layer. Our soft and stretchy DTF powder has better hand feeling than traditional vinyl or other types of heat transfer. It’s elastic and soft when you touch the surface.
JD DTF powders are slow drying and easy to cold tear. This revolutionary technology will help you get excellent transfer printing results.

Black DTF powder is used to block clothing colors or patterns that may be visible through transfer. It is best to mix it with the standard white DTF powder to improve washability, as the black powder itself is not that strong.

JD powder has excellent adhesion, excellent washability, and can accurately adhere to ink rather than film.

This powder can be cured at 150C or 300F and pressed for 10-20 seconds. Press the completed transfer again for 10 seconds, and put a piece of parchment paper on it to get a better feel.

This powder can be cured in an oven using a hot air gun or under a hot press.


  • Low melting temperature
  • Soft, flexible,solvent-free polymer adhesive
  • Excellent washing performance, dry and wet resistance, abrasion resistance, low-temperature resistance
  • Two colors: White and Black


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