Dye sublimation is an advanced printing method that involves transferring text or graphic images onto items, including fabrics, mugs, tiles, plaques, coasters, signs and more.

When it comes to picking a fabric for dye sublimation printing, polyester is the best choice. No other fabric, including cotton, silk or nylon is suitable for this type of printing.

Here is why polyester is works so well in dye sublimation printing:

Beautiful, lasting printed colors

Dye sublimation printing consists of the following steps:

  • A graphic or text is digitally printed on sublimation transfer paper.
  • The transfer paper is placed in a heat press. The heat press helps sublimate the print onto a fabric.

It’s important to test fabrics before dye sublimation printing. Due to high heat, with temperatures ranging from 380 to 400 degrees, a fabric may easily burn. Heat is used to convert the dye sublimation ink into a gaseous state.

Fabrics such as cotton, nylon, etc. cannot hold the ink during the heating process.  Polyester is the only material that can enable the bonding of the ink and ensure beautiful, long lasting colors. This is why national flags, banners and graphic t-shirts are made of polyester.


Printed graphics, text or logo on polyester fabric will not crack, fade or diminish. No matter how many times you wash it, the printed image won’t come off or lose color.

On the other hand, printed images on a cotton fabric can chip or peel off. Cotton is prone to fading, especially after repeated washing.

If you are looking for permanent printing then polyester is the best one. Printed images are embedded in the fabric’s substrate rather than printed on the surface.

Rich printed colors

Last but not least, polyester ensures rich printed colors. As sublimation dye is converted to gas during heating, the fabric’s tone blend into each other. The final product looks absolutely stunning.

Percentage of polyester in a fabric

It’s a good idea to use a 100 percent polyester fabric to achieve the best result. But, you can even work with at least 60 percent polyester fabric.

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