With so many options available for your printing needs, it is important to weigh all the possibilities and see which one benefits you and meets your personal requirements the most! First take a look at the options in inks, and see which one best suits your needs!

Pigment Ink Vs. Dye Ink

The benefit of pigment ink is that it is designed to last a long time and resist fading, especially with the right high-quality paper to accompany it. However, in comparison to dye ink, pigment ink is slightly lacking the vivid colors that dye offers. It is because of this that the pigment ink is more fade-resistant, due to the bright colors of dye having poor UV resistance. How long your picture will last, as well as the vividness of its color, also comes down to the type of paper you print the image on. The quality and texture of the paper makes a difference in the resolution of your final product!

In order to choose which one of these you should use, first consider what is most important to you in terms of the final result. If you want bright, vibrant colors, and don’t care for the years of longevity, then dye ink would be the best choice for you! However, if you are printing something that you want to last for a long, long time, then pigment ink would be the preferable option. It comes down to your personal projects and what you prioritize in a printed image!

Screen Printing Vs. Dye Sublimation Printing

When weighing these two against each other, it is important to note how much work screen printing can be. The process is long, as it involves screens and set-ups, and a lot of different steps beginning with a black-and-white hardcopy, which then gets exposed in ultra-violet light, and then it is set to dry – and this is all just the set-up before you begin the rest of the process! For every color in your picture, it will require a different screen, and you will have to carefully apply pressure make sure the color is evenly spread across the picture. As you may be able to tell by now, screen printing is quite a hassle, and while it may produce nice results, it doesn’t seem entirely practical for repeated use. You can save time and effort by turning to dye sublimation printing. In this process, you simply print the image you prefer onto a special transfer paper. Then, in order to apply it to the substrate of your choice, all it takes is heat and pressure for under a minute! Once the item has cooled, it is all ready to go. The great thing about dye sublimation printing as well is that it produces vibrant, high-quality resolution images, so you can know you are getting the best quality picture available.

After weighing the pros and cons of each type of printing possibility, it comes down to what you personally prefer and prioritize for your next project! If Dye Sublimation Printing sounds like the right fit for you, Subtransfer Paper can make sure that you get the best quality product for the best prices!