The Future of Dye Sublimation!

What Businesses Should Know About Dye Sublimation? Dye Sublimation is No longer limited to just fabric substrates, today there is a wealth of variety in product and promotional possibilities available for Dye Sublimation some of which includes; Rigid Substrates, Prefab Items and Soft Signage. For all your

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How To Determine Sublimation Paper Quality

Dye Sublimation Paper & Sublimation Ink Manufacturer How To Determine Sublimation Paper Quality image 1

Dye sublimation printing is an effective way to produce customized products and promotional products. The printing process involves some key ingredients: sublimation ink, sublimation transfer paper, polyester-coated items and heat and pressure. All these elements react to create vibrant print results. What gives dye sublimation edge over

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