Printing inks have improved significantly in the past years. No longer do people rely only on dye-based inks for their printing needs. Sublimation and pigment inks are also used in inkjet printers for producing stunning prints.

Here are the main differences between dye ink, pigment ink and sublimation ink:


Sublimation printing has been around for many years. It involves applying graphic images or text onto specific items, such as fabrics, mugs, plaques, coasters, and more.

Sublimation printing uses three main ingredients:

  • Dyes: Dyes are used to permanently color different materials and fibers.
  • Substrates: A substrate is the main material (a fabric, paper, etc.) on which a graphic or text is transferred.
  • Sublimation ink: Sublimation ink is made from dyes particles. The dyes particles must be heat-sensitive to allow printing.

During sublimation printing, heat and pressure are used to convert ink into a gaseous state, without converting it to liquid. To put it in a simple way, heat, pressure and ink are used to transfer an image or text onto paper, fabric and other substrates.

Sublimation ink produces accurate, vibrant printed images. It’s a water-proof ink that can last long. Sublimation ink is suitable for digital textile transfer printing, business use and producing personalized items.


Dye ink is for basic printing use in offices. It consists of water and colorant. The colorant dissolves completely in water. Dye ink is not water-resistant though. In fact, a single drop of water can smear the ink. While the ink produces stunning print colors, excessive exposure to sunlight can result in faded colors.


Pigment ink is made with tiny particles of colored material. This type of ink is heat, UV and water resistant.

Pigment ink firmly sticks onto a paper and is difficult to remove. As a water-proof ink, it’s suitable for t-shirt printing. Pigment ink has larger particles than other types of printing inks. Furthermore, pigment provides better color stability than dye ink.

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