To get the most value from the technologies in which they invest, businesses that provide any kind of printing services need to know how to manage color. That’s why Sawgrass Technologies has named June as Digital Color Management Month. By raising awareness about the need for color management specific to the systems and substrates businesses use most, Sawgrass aims to help those businesses become more efficient and profitable.

In the customization and personalization business, color and efficiency are everything. When your colors are off, efficiency is drastically reduced from the time and materials you invest in testing each color change. Customers are particular about their colors, especially when it comes to their branding reproduction. Not knowing how to properly manage digital color production on the substrates your customers order can result in dissatisfied customers, increased material waste, refunds and damage to your reputation.

Effective color management results in vibrancy and accuracy that makes your work stand out from that of your competition and keeps your customers coming back for more. In the case of sublimation, a technology that produces uncommonly deep and compelling colors, the effect is even more powerful.