Are you struggling to maximize the productivity and output of your garment printing business? You are not alone.

Increasing productivity is a crucial goal for companies. But, achieving this objective requires investing in considerable time, money and resources. As a garment business owner, it is critical that you scrutinize different aspects of the business and devise innovative ways of improving productivity.

Here are some effective ways for taking your garment printing business to the next level:

Automate Tasks

Apart from simplifying and streamlining various tasks and processes, automation is necessary for surviving in today’s competitive digital age.

Every successful garment printing business unit uses the most advanced technological tools and software to improve overall efficiency.

If your goal is to save money and time in printing, invest in Computer Aided Application or Computer Integrated Manufacturing Software.

Focus On Department Integration

One major drawback of segregating departments is that it can hinder communication and reduce productivity of the business.

Make sure every department has direct and easy access to other departments. This will open up the lines of communication.

Simplify Operations

Simplification is a crucial factor contributing to higher productivity. Devise simple operational procedures and protocol. Whether you are designing employee schedules or buying equipment and supplies, make sure the process can be understood by all your staff.

Communication Matters 

Communication can make or break your business. Garment printing businesses have to handle massive amounts of information, such as order information, customer information, etc.

Obtaining the right information from the correct sources can be a challenging job. Not to mention, conveying that information throughout the company is another headache.

In order to ensure swift, smooth and seamless production, design a practical communication process for the organization.

Take Advantage of Dye Sublimation

The garment industry has been rapidly evolving. Today, customers want high quality, colorful, customized t-shirts that suit their needs.

This is why it is important to use dye sublimation printing. Dye sublimation is the process of applying graphic images or text on t-shirts, polyester fabric as well as other items like mugs, plaques, coasters, signs and tiles.

Images and text are transferred onto t-shirts using a sublimation ink, sublimation paper and dye.

In order to print an image or text perfectly on a t-shirt, the heating temperature, pressure and time should be spot on. The t-shirt needs to be exposed to the transfer paper for 40 seconds. Moreover, the temperature of the sublimation printer should not exceed 375 F.

If you are looking for the right sublimation paper and ink, look no further. At JD Digital Technology Co., Ltd., you can find a wide range of dye sublimation papers and dye sublimation ink to create beautiful, permanent images.