In the world of printing customized t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, and other miscellaneous items, there are a various number of materials needed. Manufacturers offer many options for you to choose from, leaving you with your head spinning. One of the common processes used for printing is sublimation a process that uses three ingredients, sublimation ink, transfer paper, and heat and pressure, to print images onto other items. Whether you are new or very familiar with all the choices that come with the industry, looking for and finding quality sublimation transfer paper can be a bit difficult. In that case, here are a few items to consider when doing your searching.


  • No Moisture


One quick way to ruin the quality of your items is to have moisture/humidity on your sublimation transfer paper. When you get the paper, ensure that it is indeed of quality and has no moisture, as it may not have been stored correctly in a dry place. Moisture and humidity can cause bleeding, color shift, and unsuccessful transfer to your products. Checking this aspect of the paper quality may save you trouble later on in the production timeline.


  • High Transfer Ratio


How well images transfer from the printer to the shirt are another factor to consider for quality in sublimation transfer paper. Although other factors may play as well, an important factor is the how efficient the transfer ratio is, determining a successful printing job. A quality transfer ratio should be from should be 90% or higher. To ensure a high ratio, you can take the companies word for it or sample the transfer paper to see the success for yourself. Either way, it is a necessary step in finding quality paper.

  • Color Vibrancy

Not only is accuracy in the printing job a must for the paper, but also vibrancy in the final product. You must find sublimation transfer paper that also gives you vibrancy in the colors and images. There can be a major difference in the success of your business if you have a brighter and more vibrant coloring to your items.


  • Variety


A final factor to consider in your quality search is variety. There is sublimation transfer paper for hard and soft surfaces, separately. However, there is some paper that can be used on for printing both surfaces, on softer material like jerseys or harder surfaces like mugs. A quality paper can mean flexibility for the paper and multiple uses for it, giving you a good deal.


An important of a business is quality and customer satisfaction. Specifically in this industry of printing, quality of paper is a very important factor. Not all sublimation transfer paper is the same so this manages to make the process of finding quality more extensive. However, if you look for factors such as vibrancy, transfer ratios, variety, and no moisture, you can tell if the paper you have is of good quality. If you have any more concern, you can check this site or ask your provider to ensure that you have the highest quality possible.