Dye sublimation paper and printing is a growing trend in the printing industry and with good reason. This method allows the user to reproduce images on a variety of surfaces and creates an incredible, high quality result. In short, this digital printing process uses heat to transfer the dye to materials of all types. It can work on most types of surfaces that can withstand the heat necessary for the process. If you are considering using it, you will want to see just how versatile this product is. The more you know about it, the more ways you can use it to gain the look and features you desire.

What Types Of Materials Can Be Used?

This type of material works in most applications, again as long as the material can handle the heat needed. This includes:

  • Fabrics of most types including lightweight, heavy, dark colors, and light colors depending on the dye sublimation paper purchased.
  • Paper applications including for posters, cards, and a variety of other paper products including most types of paper and most uses
  • Plastics are also an option including plastics related to industrial, commercial, and personal consumer users.
  • Metal is another type of material that can be printed using this type of printing method

There are very few limitations in fact. This means that you can use it for just about any need and get the type of results you want.

Who Can And Should Use It?

In short, if you need any type of printing in these areas, then dye sublimation methods are likely to be an option. You can use it for a variety of commercial applications, for example. It can create incredible graphics for your banners and signs to bring customers in. You can use it to create promotional items including items to give to your visitors, cups, cards, even license plates. Use it to brand the products you manufacture, too, such as hard surface items made of metal, plastics, or other rigid products. Use it for any type of point of sale materials you need, flyers you send in the male, or fabric table covers that create an impressive display.

This type of printing can work well on any surface when you need:

  • Permanent results – these are images that will not fade
  • There is no peeling of the image
  • There is no build up of dye in the fabrics used
  • The colors can be very brilliant because of the way they work on fabric or other surfaces
  • They can create images on the entire surface from edge to edge without any change in the quality of the finished product

If any of these things would benefit your printing needs, then it is a good idea for you to consider the use of dye sublimation paper and ink. The process can be exactly what you need to create the finished look you desire.