Running and turning your print-on-demand business is not as challenging as it might seem. You just have to implement smart strategies at the right time to accelerate your profits by generating higher sales.

Stats show that the holiday season in 2020 will be tremendous in terms of holiday shopping expenditure. People are locked inside their homes, trying to stay safe amidst the second, deadly coronavirus wave and shopping their hearts away via online stores. Now the question is, what can you do to increase your print-on-demand holiday sales and make the most of this lucrative opportunity?

Read on and find out!

Create Hype!

This year’s holiday season is an entirely different affair. People are unable to attend and host parties, visit their families or go out for fun. The COVID-19 restrictions and lockdown have forced people to stay in and shop from the comfort of their sofa.

And undoubtedly, that’s excellent news for print-on-demand retailers!

As a print-on-demand retailer, you’re lucky because you don’t have to stock inventory piles or worry about running out of stock. But you must take the fierce industry competition into account and get cracking!

Our first and most useful strategy recommendation for boosting holiday sales is by making some noise. Don’t be shy to promote your store and products. Use your online channels to target more people and convert them into customers. Use hashtags, introduce giveaways, launch holiday-specific print designs, and get people talking on your polls and online surveys!

Offer the Best Discounts and Deals

Shoppers are interested in one particular thing when shopping during the holiday season—deals!

But before offering a flat 25% holiday discount, conduct market, and competitor research. Know what your direct and indirect competitors are offering, find the gaps in their strategy, and fill in the grey area by offering better, more valuable deals and time-sensitive discount codes.

Moreover, work your number and see if you can offer shipping discounts or free deliveries. This will encourage customers to shop more for their loved ones and directly ship their presents amidst the lockdown. Offering loyalty programs with special discounts and benefits is another excellent way to keep your customers coming back for more!

Deploy High-Quality Printing Equipment

Finally, deploy efficient printing systems and procure high-quality supplies to meet order deadlines without a hitch.

As a print-on-demand retailer, although you don’t have to worry about inventory and warehousing, you must pay close attention to your equipment and tools. They’re the essence of your business and play a significant role in boosting sales and achieving higher profit margins.

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