Heat transfer paper is used to take any image you like and transfer it on to a piece of cloth, such as a shirt, hat, or blanket. This process is done by using a large iron heat press, special heat transfer paper, and clothing. This is one of the easiest way to print an image with a lot of colors onto a shirt or any other fabric of your choice. It is often used by screen printing companies and is simple enough for beginners.

Step One: Printing
The first step in the heat transfer paper process is printing. Once you have selected the image you are wanting to transfer onto your object, you need to print it out on high quality heat transfer paper. Though this paper has the same concept an s iron on paper, it is not the same thing by far. Our heat transfer paper is made to last and is commercial grade. This ensures you that it will not peel, fade, or bleed when transferred onto your item. Once you have your image printed onto the heat transfer paper, cut around the edges of the image to give it clean transfer lines, do not leave a margin around the edges as this could give an unwanted border look.

Step Two: Transferring
This is the most important step. Some heat presses come with lasers installed to make sure the image is straight on the product before being transferred. However, you may have to do this yourself. Once you have your image accurately positioned, it is time to heat the press. With our heat transfer paper, your press needs to be heated to 257 degrees Fahrenheit. It also needs to stay at this heat for a steady 25 seconds. While the press is heating removes the top layer of the transfer paper and place the cotton fabric on the upward facing image. A heat press is like a really large iron that applies hundreds of pounds of pressure at once. This pressure is what ensures long lasting image transfer. Close the heat press onto you fabric and image for 25 second then open the press. After cooled a bit peel on the adhesive starting at the corner and enjoy your product.

Heat transfer paper is a great product to have on hand if you enjoy costume clothing. It comes in a few different options some for light fabric and some for dark fabric. It is compatible with most high quality printers. The process is simple. While under the heat part of the paper is melted which causes the image to transfer onto the product making it part of the item without causing any harm to the image. The heat transfer paper works for any image and any color fabric. With the quality paper, we supply the colors come out bright every time. Your product is machine washable and dryable as well. It will not fade or peel in time.