The days of do it yourself projects with placing custom designs on items such as mugs, t-shirts, other clothing material, have become less and less. People are finding it much better to use companies that specialize in creating and printing these products. Behind those creative companies are companies that support and supply them with the tools necessary to led in the industry. Manufacturers worldwide for the sublimation transfer paper and ink have been growing and producing for a good number of years. With the companies, come changes in the trends that exist around the industry. If you are a business looking to breaking into the t-shirt printing business or are already there, here are some of the hottest trends sparking attention in heat transfer paper.


  • Eco-solvent

When referring to eco-solvent, it can be either the type of printer or paper. In relation to heat transfer paper, this type of paper allows for use on material that stretches a lot such as, polyester, nylon, and spandex. With the different types of eco-solvent transfer paper, it widens options that t-shirt printing companies can cater to while still offering high quality material.

  • Metallic Effects

Another design becoming popular in companies is the metallic effect on the designs. Usually, to get an effect like that on t-shirts or other items like aprons, gift bags, or mouse pads, it is required to us an additional metallic foil. However, now some heat transfer paper can used simply for that effect. More and more companies offer the metallic design through Inkjet printer transfer paper or electric heat transfer material for subtler effect.

  • Self-weeding

To get the right size of a design on the heat transfer paper, it requires that you cut, plot and weed the paper. There are the cutable and easier to cut products to make the design easier. However, on the other hand, transparent paper is a new type of heat transfer paper that will cut down on all the cutting. This solution allows making the self-weeding transfer on dark and light colored garments, still being versatile.

  • Durability

A final trend in heat transfer paper is the durability of the designs. Using the right kind of paper that will enable the material and its design to last remains popular. Using pigment inks and the Inkjet heat transfer paper are two of the ways in which you can ensure durability in your products. Cleaning and washing the products are some the usual ways wear and tear can happen, so do your best to use products to elongate the products durability.


To continue to succeed in any industry really, it is important to remain aware and up to date with the hottest trends in the respectful area. By staying ahead, you can make sure that you provide the best quality and demanded products. The hottest trends in heat transfer paper include the eco-solvent paper, metallic effects, self-weeding, and durability. With companies constant doing research and development, trends change so make sure to stay aware by remaining in touch with your provider or this site to see what new products may come around.