The fashion industry keeps getting evolved time-to-time. While models, influencers, and fashion gurus set new trends, the real change is happening behind the scenes. In recent years, many textile printing businesses have started using digital fabric printing to design new collections.

And when it comes to digital fabric printing devices, Epson is the first name that comes to the mind. It’s a global leader in printing technology that has earned a reputation as a pioneer in developing state-of-the-art digital printing systems for their global clientele.

Many Fashion design companies use Epson’s efficient and easy-to-use digital fabric printers to design high-quality products. The latest Epson printers have several advances over conventional methods of printing fabrics. Let’s find out more!

Epson’s Digital Textile Printers—efficient and easy-to-use

Epson printers simplify the printing process due to easy-to-use functions, which help increase operational efficiency. It helps textile companies boost their levels of productivity and yield higher profits.

Using the Epson printer, companies can print design on sublimation paper, then make heat transfer onto fabric. The print is mostly transferred onto polyester fabric. Here are some other key benefits of using Epson’s digital textile printers:

Excellent Print Quality: Using Epson printers, businesses can produce high-quality prints. The digitally printed fabric has a superior finish compared to traditional lithography and other printing methods currently available in the market.

More flexibility: Epson printers provide textile companies with more flexibility in terms of design choices. The smart computerized printing process enables them to print any color and design onto fabrics without incurring additional costs.

Faster performance: Epson printers can significantly reduce downtime by improving the efficiency of the printing process. Unlike regular screen print, which can take up several weeks or even months, it can produce results in less than a week.

Cost-effectiveness: Epson printers provide excellent value for money by eliminating many unnecessary costs associated with the traditional printing method as it doesn’t require printing plays or costly additional hardware.

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