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    Dye Sublimation Ink

    INKJD Dye Sublimation Ink ensures a pristine print in vibrant colors and sharp lines. Ideal for use in a heat transfer process; our ink offers a faster dryer time, intense colors and easy use. Perfect for all printing purposes on numerous types of fabrics, our sublimation ink can easily be used with JD dye transfer paper in commercial printers as well as basic digital printers.

    INKJD Dye Sublimation Ink can be used to print beautiful graphics and text onto paper, which is then transferred cleanly on fabrics. Typically, sublimation ink is used with polymer or polymer-coated items or polyester fabrics. Our ink can be used with sublimation printers and cartridges to print a range of art work, images, logos and photos.
    To ensure proper result that meets your expectations, we at JD work hard to manufacture products that meet your expectations.


    Products features

    INKJD Dye Sublimation Ink utilizes the traditional method of printing through heat transfer with the help of transfer paper. Clear in result, our sublimation ink offers excellent printing and can be used for a number of designs. Whether your graphic requires vibrant colors or densest blacks, our dye sublimation ink offers a consistent printing result with seamless tonal graduation that offers a sharp image and detailed, intricate graphics.

    Available in a number of colors, we can guarantee a crisp, satisfying result, whichever design and printer you may use.

    Quality Guaranteed

    As we do with our dye sublimation papers and other products, JD strives to make sublimation printing easier-to-accomplish and affordable for clients all around the world. Our sublimation inks are manufactured in a number of primary colors, using the best ingredients possible so your printed design can be sharp and crisp, and safe for your printer head as well.

    Exemplary Color Quality

    Our inks are designed to withstand general color fading and wear-and-tear, giving you a product that can not only be easily used to transfer print on polyester fabrics but also on a number of other materials which include costumes, uniforms, sportswear and swimwear.

    We developed a similar type of sublimation ink with similar packaging to that of Epson’s original Ink as well (as seen below), mimicking its color and quality just the same.

    Compatible with a Number of Popular PrintersOur Sublimation ink supports all sublimation ink projects and is compatible with right printer head, including some traditional and modern printers including Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland and Epson, each cartridge chipped in accordance with each different printer to make printing smooth and trouble-free. We provide cartridge chips as well which you can use with our sublimation ink, for example, we provide chipsof Epson F series printer. This allows our ink to offer the same quality as original ink, which helps you save so much money than if you were to buy the printer’s original ink and cartridge.


    Known for its compatibility and longer lifespan, the INKJD Sublimation Ink is a product of choice for many commercial clients around the world. Since JD strives to make our product more accessible, we make sure that our prices are less than what you would pay for other inks. In addition, since our ink is also easier to use, this cost-effective method helps us in the long run. By providing smoother, faster results; our product’s usage results in less consumption in terms of power and ink.

    JD Sublimation Ink is Applicable for the Following Purposes:


    • -Sports apparel
    • -Textiles
    • -Polyamide
    • -Polyester apparel
    • -Lycra material

    Home Furnishing

    • -Blinds
    • -Curtains
    • -Table covers
    • -Cushions
    • -Towel cleaners

    Soft Signage

    • -Banners
    • -Flags
    • -Gaming tables

    Packaging and StorageAll ink containers are factory-packaged and delivered promptly to their destination. We deliver worldwide by seam air and by express. Since all sublimation ink is water-based, we advise that all ink be stored in a dry area away from sunlight. The containers should be kept air-tight and sealed and all batches should be stored separately.


    Instructions: Choose your required graphics and have it reversed in your software for the print to be transferred appropriately on the transfer paper.

    You will need to slot in the cartridge or use the ink as per the instructions of your specific printer. All our inks have been tested and will work successfully with almost all chosen brands of printer systems. You are advised to use the compatible ink for the printer and keep addition ink as well, in case there is an added requirement.

    Our Sublimation Ink is Inspected, Tested, Certified and Verification by SGS & REACH

    Our Sublimation Ink Category

    High Density Sublimation Ink for DX5

    Sublimation Ink for Epson T/F/P series printer

    Sublimation Ink for 5113/4720 Printer head

    Sublimation Ink for Panasonic Printer head

    Sublimation Ink for MimakiJV300 2 Liters Bag Packing

    Alternative Sublimation Ink for Epson Ink original

    Original Epson Ink

    Original Mimaki Ink


    Guangzhou JD Digital Technology Co. Ltd. is the top sublimation paper factory in China. We have more than 10 years’ history in producing transfer papers. We have our own research center, production lines and quality management center. Our research center has studied in transfer materials for more than 15 years. In order to meet the market demand, we are innovating time after time, developing new generation of sublimation paper.

    • *Advanced high-speed coating machines, rewinding and cutting machines
    • *Full set of testing inspection equipment and quality certification
    • *Large warehouse and shorter delivery time
    • *Products Quality Approved


    A Note on Dye Sublimation vs. Regular Dye Ink

    While it might seem reasonable to use regular inkjet dye ink for print paper, textile paper and more, the reason why we recommend using quality sublimation ink for all dying purposes is because of the resultant printed product.
    When using basic dye ink for printing—because the ink is made from water and colorants—any contact with water or even excessive heat can damage the quality of the print.


    Dye sublimation ink is quite different in print and performance. Aside from being water-proof, dye sublimation ink does not cause any cracking or peeling. The ink doesn’t smudge and retains its quality even when subjected to higher temperature or pressure.

    Use dye sublimation ink from Sub Transfer Paper to transfer your designs on fabrics, t-shirts, metals, ceramics or plastic!



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