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Digital Sublimation Printer

Digital Sublimation Printer

Guangzhou JD Digital Technology Co. Ltd manufactures and develops fast and reliable digital sublimation printers for worldwide distribution. Our sublimation printers can print onto the thinnest of transfer paper, producing full color, premium, photographic quality image that will not peel, crack or wash away after application. Equipped with high performance print-head technology, our sublimation printers provide excellent printing consistency and high ink efficiency.

We have put in years of hard work, research and study to perfect our digital sublimation printing systems, and we are sure you will acknowledge this too when using them.
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    The Next Generation in Sublimation Printing is Here

    Our digital sublimation printers have been specifically engineered for the dye sublimation industry. They can print on a variety of sublimation blanks including sublimation paper, photo paper, PP synthetic paper, and backlit PVC banner. Designed with a high gap printhead, they are ideal for thin media printing and have been tested to produce extremely high-quality output under varying operating conditions.

    High Speed Printing

    Enjoy high production speeds between 55 & 73 m2/h; top speed of 110 m2/h.

    Uninterrupted Production

    A smooth take up and feeding system ensures uninterrupted production even at high speeds.

    Compatible withthe Best Selection of RIP Software

    Use with Photoprint, Topaz, Seeget Wasatch or Maintop V 5.3, 5.5.

    Bright ColorReproduction with Super Smooth Gradations

    Print images with stunning color vibrancy and high quality output.


    Print Head



    PP synthetic, Backlit PVC, Sublimation paper, Photo paper etc.


    Dye sublimation ink

    Maximum Width


    Print Resolution/Speed

    2 pass

    110 m2/h

    3 pass

    73 m2/h

    4 pass

    55 m2/h

    RIP Software

    Photoprint, Topaz, Seeget Wasatch or Maintop V 5.3, 5.5

    Operating Environment





    35%—65% RH


    L 3500mm x W 750mm x H 1560mm


    L 3600mm x W 850mm x H 800mm

    Gross Weight

    330 kg

    Net Weight

    300 kg

    Average Size






    Packing and Shipping
    We responsibly package and ship your orders. Our delivery times vary depending on where you’re ordering from. That said, we try our level best to deliver your order to you as fast as humanly possible. Will send packing pictures to you.

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    Subtransfer Paper Equipment In Action

    At Guangzhou JD Digital Technology Co. Ltd, we have been offering consistently high quality printing equipment to our clients in publishing, textiles, large scale marketing and many others. Over the course of a decade, we have developed organizational capacities and technical efficiencies that make us a low-cost printing services provider. We work with the most technically skilled staff to provide timely technical support as well as thorough quality assurance. Our equipment is widely known to be some of the best throughout the world and we are renowned as one of the best suppliers of printing equipment for all commercial needs. Throughout the production process, we put all of our equipment through stringent quality checks and test our all the components to ensure that these meet quality standards that have set out. As such, our printers are durable, fast and will create the best quality prints for your merchandising, textile and printing needs.

    Why Are Our Sublimation Paper Solutions the Best?

    Guangzhou JD Digital Technology Co. Ltd. is the top sublimation solutions factory in China. We have 10 years of experience in producing sublimation transfer papers, sublimation inks, sublimation printers and heat press machines. Our products are widely used in many different fields, and our customers are located in many countries.


    Guangzhou JD Digital Technology Co.,Ltd. is the top sublimation paper factory in China. We have more than 10 years’ history in producing transfer papers. We have our own research center, production lines and quality management center. Our research center has studied in transfer materials for more than 15 years.In order to meet the market demand, we are innovating time after time, developing new generation of sublimation paper.
    *Advanced high-speed coating machines,rewinding and cutting machines
    *Full set of testing inspection equipment and quality certification
    *Large warehouse and shorter delivery time
    *Products Quality Approved



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    About JD

    JD is the top sublimation transfer paper manufacturer in China. It have 12 years’ history in producing sublimation transfer paper. Have own research center, production lines and quality management center.


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