Dye sublimation printing is an effective way to produce customized products and promotional products.

The printing process involves some key ingredients: sublimation ink, sublimation transfer paper, polyester-coated items and heat and pressure. All these elements react to create vibrant print results.

What gives dye sublimation edge over traditional printing techniques is that it the sublimated image becomes a permanent part of a fabric or substrate. This means that the image will not chip, crack or peel off after washings.

Sublimation Paper 101

Dye sublimation uses a special paper known as sublimation transfer paper. Sublimation paper is different from normal print paper. It’s actually a thermal transfer printing paper that helps transfer the ink onto substrates.

Choosing a good sublimation paper is extremely important for successful sublimation printing. Many people overlook the importance of sublimation paper and spend a great deal of time researching sublimation inks and the right heat temperature. The quality of a sublimation paper affects the final output.

Here are some essential factors that can help you find the finest quality sublimation paper:

Transfer rate

Sublimation paper must have a high transfer rate. This makes substrate more beautiful and saves more ink. In order to achieve a successful printing job, your transfer paper should carry a at least 95% transfer ratio.


A good sublimation paper is one that can seamlessly absorb sublimation ink.

Drying speed

Along with ink absorption, the paper must have a high drying speed. If it takes a long time to dry, manufacturers may face delays in delivery.


Check for impurities on the paper. Impure particles can adversely affect the print color and quality.



A sublimation paper must be stable. You can ask the paper supplier to send you a sample to gauge the stability of the paper.


Does the paper wrinkle when printed? If yes then this is a sign of inferior quality transfer paper.


Not all sublimation papers are the same. Some transfer papers are made for hard surfaces, while others support soft surfaces. Depending on your material, make sure you pick the right paper.

We offer a variety of quality dye sublimation papers, as normal, full sticky, fast dry, semi-sticky, fabric specific and more. In addition to sublimation paper, we also provide dye sublimation inks at amazing prices.

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