Many businesses opt to go outside of their own company in order to have advertisement and display products printed. Choosing what printing company and what type of printing process can be a bit overwhelming. If you need quality printed fabric banners and displays, you should consider the commercial applications of dye sublimation printing.

Trade Shows

For companies that frequent trade shows and conferences, a dye sublimation printed banner can allow a lot of flexibility and take a lot of wear. Typically, polyester based fabrics are used for dye sublimation printing. These fabrics tend to be very flexible and are perfect for being stretched over frames. The process of dye sublimation takes the solid dye and turns it into a gas with high heat. The gas then penetrates item being printed and essentially becomes a part of the item’s structure. As a result, the finished printing cannot be flaked or cracked, and can overall last significantly longer than other printing methods.

Outdoor Banner Stands

The durability of dye sublimated banners doesn’t just withstand travel conditions, but the elements of the outdoors. Outdoor banners usually have a stand that can be weighted or stuck into the ground and will flutter in the wind. Typically, you see banners like this outside of a store’s entrance, festivals, or sporting events. Their main purpose is to attract passersby and persuade them to come inside the store. Dye sublimation printing produces an image with high-quality colors and lines. The final image looks much more polished, which can be a huge plus if you’re using it to attract customers or clients.

In-Store Displays

In retail, a lot of dye sublimation is used for clothing like t-shirts, but it can be used for displays and advertisement purposes as well. As stated above, one of the biggest perks about using dye sublimation printing is that the finished piece carries a durability that other printing processes don’t have. With retail, in-store displays tend to be exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Display pieces in a store tend to get a lot of traffic, with customers and employees constantly touching them for whatever reason. Even if a display banner is knocked down and trampled on by careless customers, the design printed on it will not be affected if printed using dye sublimation. If they need to be cleaned, it can be done very easily without fear of damaging the image printed on the display.

Office Displays

Printed displays in an office space are usually for aesthetic purposes or to display products. Dye sublimation printing can be used on a multitude of items, and the final product has a sleeker finish. Fabric that has been printed on using dye sublimation usually looks a lot better than a foam board, which many companies will use for the benefits of cost and disposal. It’s a classier option, which can be a big deal when your company is trying to present a professional atmosphere for potential clients.