Collection! Maintenance strategy of Digital Printer During Holiday

The new year holiday is approaching, and it will be a new year soon. I believe that friends who use digital printing machines are worried about how to maintain the digital printing machine during the small and long vacation. Today JD Sublimation will share with you some tips on the maintenance of the printing machine during holidays!

Printing machine maintenance before the holiday.

1. Check whether the print head is normal, print a test strip of the print head, and make sure the state diagram is intact.

2. Use a one-way wiping method to wipe the nozzle clean with a cotton swab. It is best to use professional cleaning fluid or pure water to wipe, and you must not be greedy to use tap water!

3. Before shutting down, make sure that the nozzles of the printing machine are closely attached to the ink stack and are completely airtight. This can effectively keep the nozzles moist and prevent the nozzles from clogging.

4. Clean the waste ink cartridges, clamp the waste ink tube with a clamp, and tighten the ink supply cover to prevent air from entering.

Printing machine maintenance during the holiday

1. The temperature of the environment where the printing machine is stored should not be lower than zero, especially to remind friends in the north to pay attention to the room temperature of the room where the printing machine is located. If it is too low, it will cause great damage to the printing machine. If possible, it is best to control the room temperature at 15℃-30℃, the humidity is maintained at 35%-65%.

2. If the print head is not used for a long time, it will cause the nozzle to be blocked. If possible, it is recommended to print the nozzle test strip every 3 days to check whether the nozzle is blocked. If it is blocked, perform the cleaning operation to ensure that the nozzle is in the best condition.

3. Cover the printing machine with a dust cover to prevent dust from contaminating the equipment, and place it in a safe place to do a good job in fire prevention, waterproofing, anti-theft, anti-rodent, and anti-insect work to avoid equipment damage due to abnormal reasons.

Preparation after the holiday

Before turning on the digital printing machine, make sure that the working environment of the equipment reaches the best temperature and humidity. The specific temperature is 15℃-30℃, and the humidity is 35%-65%. Please check the printing machine carefully to make sure all parts are installed in place. After turning on the printer, print the print head test strip to check whether the print head is normal.

The most feared issue for a digital printing machine if it is not used for a long time is the nozzle clogging, because it will cause many “complications”, such as oblique spray, ink flying, offset needle and other problems, shorten the life of the nozzle, and even cause the nozzle to be scrapped. So during the Spring Festival , Users should pay special attention to the maintenance of the digital printing machine.