The increasing consumer demand has forced printing businesses to incorporate advanced technologies in their operations. Sublimation printing technology is one of the most sought-after printing methods used by leading printing companies to maintain a consistent workflow and ensure quality.

About the Client

Tariq is our esteemed client who owns a digital textile printing factory. He has been serving the industry for a long time. He uses digital printers with a roller heat transfer machine to transfer the design into the fabric to create personalized products, including printed apparel, accessories, and promotional items.


We were presented with two significant challenges. First, the client was buying low-quality dye sublimation ink and paper, resulting in high production costs and poor results. The poor ink absorption and ink stacking resulted were the major issues that lead to high wastage. Image bleeding after printing was also a big concern for the client.

The dye sublimation ink and papers the client received were not consistent in quality, making it impossible for them to achieve the same colors. The paper did not transfer ink properly into the textile. The consistency problem resulted in inconsistent and inferior quality products and restricted the client’s ability to take bulk orders.

Second, the client’s designs were not optimized for production and costing them extra money. The client’s design team frequently made designs that require sublimation on materials with dark backgrounds, which resulted in poor finishes due to lack of white ink in sublimation printing.

John approached our company to address these print quality challenges that affected his production costs and the final quality of the products.


We had delivered high-quality sublimation ink and papers that allow the flawless application of sublimation ink into fabrics at competitive rates. We were able to easily address this challenge as we have high-quality dye sublimation products, including ink and papers, available in our inventory. The quality of our dye sublimation papers is unrivaled.

Our dye sublimation papers are specifically designed for excellent color performance and economical price. They are best suited for the water-based dye sublimation printing method that our client used. The high transfer ratio efficiency and fast dry technology also helped the client improve quality as well as improve production speed.

Owing to our efficient production system, we were able to supply our high-quality dye sublimation papers at competitive prices. We initially sent a few samples of various dye sublimation papers that the client liked and approved. We negotiated a bulk quantity deal with the client that allowed him to secure our dye sublimation papers at excellent prices.

We also sent batches of sublimation ink specifically designed for digital textile transfer printing applications. Our ink was compatible with the client’s printers, namely, Epson printer F9370 and F6200. Following our recommendation, the client also added the latest printers to boost production levels.

Furthermore, we sent samples of our dye sublimation ink with a high transfer rate that would allow the client to address the quality issue. We recommended the client use our protection tissue papers to improve image quality and minimize ink blow to keep printing equipment belts from contamination.

It solved many problems, including ink absorption, ink stacking, and image bleeding that previously cost our client a significant amount of money. We also connected John’s team with our experts to share some ideas to optimize the design for the printing process that would help him reduce production costs, like the suggestion to use lighter backgrounds for print designs.

The client’s operations involved customization for individuals or large commercial applications. Our team recommended suitable dye sublimation ink and papers for various applications. We also helped the client create different printing processes for small orders and bulk orders to streamline their printing operations.


The client was extremely satisfied with our products and services. Our premium dye sublimation paper and ink resulted in seamless design transfer into the fabric, providing very sharp, vivid colors. The client was able to cut down the production cost and improve product quality significantly.

Moreover, our suggestion to streamline production processes allowed the client to optimize workflow and save money.


“Sub Transfer Paper helped turn my business around. Their team is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I can design and print better quality products at a lower cost. Very happy. Highly satisfied.” – John

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