Modern sportswear manufacturers extensively use the dye sublimation method to personalize their products. The global dye sublimation market was valued at USD 8110 million in 2019 and has seen significant growth since. Many companies are shifting from the screen printing method to the dye sublimation printing technique to improve their profits.

About the Client

Smith is a successful entrepreneur who runs a large sportswear factory in Ireland. A year ago, he stepped into the industry and expanded the operations to international clients within the next six months. He has high-performance printers installed in his factory and uses the dye sublimation technique to personalize sportswear items.


Smith approached us to tackle several challenges. He was experiencing significant problems in printing personalized designs to sportswear due to poor quality dye sublimation paper. The new supplier delivered him low-quality supplies, which resulted in inconsistent results. It cost him the cancellation of a large football jersey manufacturing order.

The poor quality dye sublimation paper caused image bleeding and ink stacking, which cost a significant amount of money to the client due to wastage. Two of his regular clients who placed a large order were also highly dissatisfied and on the verge of pulling back the order, which could drain his cash flow and put him out of business.

The sublimation ink delivered to Smith also turned out to be of inferior quality, so it didn’t fuse properly in the fabric of sportswear items. The company faced heavy losses as they ordered the ink in bulk quantity, which added to their existing losses. The designer team of the company designed dark color garments, which also contributed to poor-quality results.

Smith came to us to solve these printing challenges quickly so he could deliver his existing orders and keep his business afloat.


Our experienced printing specialists carefully analyzed the situation and formulated a detailed plan. Firstly, we supplied our premium dye sublimation papers that allow the seamless application of dye ink into fabrics. As one of the largest dye sublimation paper providers in the country, we didn’t experience any difficulty in the supply chain process.

We sent the initial samples of fast-dry dye sublimation paper to Smith, considering the time constraints. We also sent premium-quality ink to prevent any printing problem. The client tested our products for printing and was highly satisfied with the results. He was able to cut down the wastage by under 2 percent due to flawless printing applications.

Our 100gsm fast dry dye sublimation paper is renowned for excellent color performance and economical price. It offers excellent stability and high color performance that helps minimize printing costs and improve the final results. Considering the crisis faced by Smith, we negotiated to provide him supplies in moderate quantity in intervals at a bulk price.

The client’s factory had a dedicated printing section equipped with MIMAKI JV300 and MIMAKI JV33 printers. The client was earlier looking to replace those printers by securing lease financing to solve printing issues, but our high-quality dye sublimation paper and ink solved the problem and saved them thousands of dollars.

Our premium dye sublimation is compatible with all kinds of Piezoelectric printers and inkjet printers, including MIMAKI printers. The ink is highly suitable for printing applications on polyester or synthetic materials. It served as a perfect choice for Smith’s printing operations and helped him amp up the production levels without any hassle.

Our experts also spoke with Smith’s design team to suggest color schemes and designs to minimize printing issues like color fading. We also recommended that they convince their customers to use a light color for the training sportswear, which they agreed. It allowed Smith to complete both orders within the deadline and save his business.  


The client was pleased and highly satisfied with our dye sublimation ink and paper supplies. We worked closely with him to solve all of his printing problems and saved him thousands of dollars in printer replacement costs. Using our dye sublimation equipment, the client could print quickly with vivid colors and minimum wastage.  

The client also followed our suggestion and changed the design methodology, which helped him save money and develop a more streamlined design process.


“Sub Transfer Paper saved my business. They have experienced professionals with technical knowledge of the printing process. Thanks to them, I can personalize sportswear items more conveniently and cost-efficiently. They have earned my vote of confidence” – Smith

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