business-people-show-the-good-stock-marketing-situationAccording to the statement made by Smithers Pira, a global authority on Packaging and Printing supplies, the sublimation print market was expected to double in size as of February 2016.

Taking into account major end-user segments such as household branding, garments, signage and technical products, the strong growth will eventually lead to a market of around €3 billion. This is all thanks to the ability of sublimation paper and sublimation inks to create high quality and durable printed images that beam with exuberant display of colors that few can rival in the industry. Here are some notable mentions for market segments that are leading the current market size to expand at an exponential rate:

Garments and Textiles

Data collected by numerous sources reveal that more than 70% of all uses of sublimation printing (for commercial and industrial output) are indeed garments. Furthermore, the trends are forecasted to continue and increase through 2021. In 2016 alone, garments such as fashion apparel, haute couture, scarves, sportswear, swimwear, ties, and other wearable have a clear majority of market volume and value.

Beyond Textiles

The amazing ability of sublimation paper and sublimation inks provides a distinct advantage and that is the ability to transfer prints to substrates other than fabric. Let it be ceramics, glass, wood, or metallic surfaces, sublimation printing can handle them all with ease, which leads to creating new niches in the market. Many shops and supplier of mugs and other related products can end up having a diverse array of merchandise to offer their customers.

Key Players and Regional Outlook

Asia Pacific, excluding Japan, has been notified to remain as one of the key markets for sublimation printing throughout the forecasted period. Western Europe is also a geographical locality where the demand from apparel industry will see a boost in the sublimation printing markets from 2016 to 2026. Major industrial uses for sublimation printing includes:

  • Customized Apparel
  • Promotional Items
  • Sporting material
  • Textile Goods
  • Awards, Photo Gifts, and Signage

On a global scale, it has been observed that Epson America Inc., Guangzhou JD Digital Technology Company Ltd., HOTRONIX, Jet Stream Digital, and Sawgrass Inc. have been the forerunners and key players for the industry.

High Demand for Products

According to Guy Evron, Marketing Director at Bordeaux, the Indian and Turkish markets have a high demand for dye sublimation products as well as Latin America and South Africa. With researches being made to make more colors available to increase the range and scope of printing, many consumers across the globe are asking for sublimation printed products due to their high image quality, brilliant display of color, and longer print life.

New Machines and Higher Productivity

With the demand for products growing at an exceedingly fast pace, the industry is unable to keep up as technology for sublimation printing isn’t able to accommodate new requirements by client. This is leading to R&D to create newer machines that can add to the abilities of how sublimation paper and sublimation inks work. Researches and new inks are being tested in laboratories for prints that can be sustained on cotton related fabrics as well. All of this will sustain the market boom in sublimation printing.