Benefits of Using Sublimation Printing Technique

In the past, there were only a few printing techniques available for multiple purposes on multiple materials. However, now technology has improved rapidly and many printing techniques have been introduced, including sublimation printing.

The modern dye sublimation process is quite simple in comparison to various other traditional methods.

1. Create an image on your computer

  1. Print it onto dye sublimation paper using sublimation inks
  2. Apply the paper with the image to the item you want to decorate

Currently, sublimation printing is considered among the popular procedures. JD provides top-quality Dye Sublimation Inks and Dye Sublimation Papers to make the sublimation printing procedure efficient and productive. If you want clear and detailed printing results, you must use JD Dye Sublimation products. Our products enable the production of colorful images on everyday items in an excellent way.

A Top Choice: Dye Sublimation Ink

JD Dye Sublimation Ink is designed for excellent quality sublimation printing needs. It is adaptable to the demand for medium to high-speed printing. Our sublimation ink is safe for the environment and does not harm the skin. Moreover, it ensures accurate color reproduction and high durability with greater ink density transfer.

We aim to provide only high-quality products to our customers. As a result, our specially formulated dye sublimation ink produces outstanding images with vibrant colors, sharp contours, and smooth gradations. JD sublimation ink is the choice of most users because it is easy to use and is available at a reasonable price.

When you use top-quality sublimation ink, you get the best quality images on various materials. Apart from that, it is extremely durable which means the apparel will maintain its impact without fading. Inks are available in refill packs to maximize production uptime and deliver a low total cost of ownership.

Choose the Best Dye Sublimation Paper

When it comes to JD Dye Sublimation Paper, we only supply paper with the right thickness. This ensures that it does not tear off while heating, otherwise the print will not come properly. Besides that, the transfer rate of our sublimation is perfect so that maximum ink comes on the product.

JD Dye Sublimation Papers are available in several sizes which you can use with a variety of printers. Moreover, we produce good quality papers so the ink dries out as quickly as possible.

Quick Advice

Here is a tip for all our readers: Apart from focusing on the quality of the ink and paper, another important thing to consider is to buy ink and paper that are suitable for your country’s weather. Dye-sublimation ink or paper that is suitable for your weather will give the best printing quality.