There’s no question about the fact that colors have a direct impact on our emotional states and thus, our decision-making capabilities. This understanding of links between colors and psychological/emotional response links has significant implications for marketing and particularly the effectiveness of outdoor custom signs. Vibrant posters are far more likely to catch your customer’s attention and draw attention to whatever message you want to send through that poster.

Considering the role of colors in inducing a consumer response, you need the best possible print-outs for your signs—especially when it comes to using cloth or fabric signs. It’s pretty difficult to capture the color depth and vibrancy on fabric because the material isn’t exactly suited for printing like paper is. However, sublimation might help you create better outdoor custom signage for your businesses because of the superiority of the print compared to other printing techniques. Some benefits of using fabric sublimation printing for outdoor signs are:

Greater Color Depth and Vibrancy

Dye sublimation is one of the best ways to capture the full range and depth of the colors you intend to print on your sign. Sublimation ink/dye colors aren’t produced by mixing the primary colors as a normal printer does—the printing process uses the same colors as you’ll find in the image you digitally produce. This allows you to capture the full range of colors, exactly as you intended, in your signs—this greater vibrancy and depth is also much more likely to draw your customer’s attention.

Dye Sublimation Lasts Longer

During the dye-sublimation printing process, the ink isn’t sprayed onto the fabric the way a printer would. Sublimation ink turns from solid into gas, which is transferred into the fibers of the fabric to capture it as solid particles during the printing process. With such a technique, the dye is less likely to wash out, fade, or in any way dissolve by exposure to the elements. The only way to actually get rid of that ink is to expose the fabric to temperatures as high as 350—400 degrees, which really can’t happen in normal everyday circumstances.

Durability and Vibrancy Make For Better Signs

If you choose a high-quality fabric, the dye-sublimation printing process offers the best possible option out of all other printing alternatives. The print quality is far better, and the print itself outlasts any other print made using different methods.

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