In today’s competitive market, how you pack your products has a make or break effect on your business. Packaging is a crucial component that can give your brand an over its competitors

Even though some businesses do not realize this, many customers identify with the way products are packed and labeled. Product packaging is like the identity of a company as it reveals something positive or negative about it.

Companies are always searching for smart, cost-effective ways to differentiate their packaging from others and make their products instantly recognizable to customers. Many companies use bold colors or add embellishment, such as foils or special varnishes to products. This can make products stand out in shops and draw customers’ attention and influence buying decisions.

But, in order to enhance customer interest and generate product demand, you need to make use of dye sublimation printing.

Dye sublimation printing: What is it and why use it?

Digital packaging has kicked off in recent years. Dye sublimation printing allows businesses to personalize product packaging in order to capture customers’ attention.

Simply put, dye sublimation is an advanced digital printing technology through which graphic images and text can be transferred onto specific items. These items include mugs, polyester fabrics, t-shirts, plaques, tiles, and most importantly, business packaging and promotional items, such as banners.

The transfer of images and text occurs via sublimation ink, sublimation paper, dyes, heat and pressure. Dye gives a packaging material permanent color. Dye sublimation printing entails the use of heat and pressure to convert dyes into a gaseous state.

However, keep in mind that the dyes used in sublimation printing are thermally sensitive. They are different from the dyes used in inkjet printing. Once the dye changes into a gaseous state, the particles stick to the base material and turn back to a solid state. However, the dyed particles are now deeply embedded into the material. The dyed color won’t fade or wash off.

Dye sublimation printing can create vibrant print colors which is essential for any product packaging or a promotional material. In addition, the print results last longer than other traditional printing methods.

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