With sublimation transfer papers, you can practically print anything on t-shirt, mugs, coasters and various other substrates. The method is quite easy as well; as all you have to do is scan any image or graphic that you want and print it on the surface with a heat press machine.

Even photographs can be converted in art, and there won’t be any compromise on the quality of the image when printed.

If you are new to dye-sublimation printing however, you can make some serious mistakes when printing. The last thing you want to do is ruin a whole batch of t-shirts, with a rookie mistake. Here are some common mistakes that people usually make while digitally printing a picture:

Using the wrong side of the paper

This is a common mistake. Many people find it difficult to know which one is the correct side of the paper.

The part of the paper that is a bit yellowish is right side for printing, so make sure you know which one it is when putting the paper in the printer. If you use the wrong side of the paper, the print will appear faded, and you won’t be able to print anything else over it.

Printing on a wrinkled t-shirt

To achieve the desired result, it is really important for the surface to be flat. If you notice that the t-shirts you are printing on are wrinkled, iron them out.


Not applying appropriate heat

Applying heat at the appropriate level is extremely important to get the right image printed. Applying maximum heat from the heat press machine is not a bad idea, unless you are using a fabric that can burn easily.

Make sure that you are providing the right heat and pressure to the transfer paper, along with the required time to get the image printed on the t-shirts in their entirety.

Not giving enough time to the print to set in

When the ink is applied to the fabric, it needs around 24 hours to completely set in the fabric. Make sure that you aren’t folding or laundering the t-shirts until the print has completely set in. If you do so, the print may get disturbed in some way.

Although dye-sublimation is quite strong and doesn’t easily ruin, it is still better to be careful.

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