Unlike other traditional and common types of printing methods, sublimation printing is technically more advanced and superior. This style of printing uses sublimation paper for transferring the design and utilizes dedicated sublimation inks to create higher quality of printed images than other types of printing methods. Here are some of the advantages of sublimation printing that gives it the leading edge in the print industry:
Higher Quality of Printed Images
Sublimation inks are in fact composed of powdered ink suspended in liquid. They are heated into a vaporized form, allowing them to permeate the porous sublimation paper. As each pixel is filled with the ink, there is a gradation at the edges causing the gap between pixels to close up. The resulting image has a much more natural look, has a fine finish, and doesn’t reveal any white gaps between the pixels.
Longer Life and Durability of Prints
While other printing techniques simply stain the exterior surface of the targeted material, sublimation printing, with the help of sublimation paper and high quality sublimation inks, is able to provide a much more lasting print. This is because the inks are literally infused with the target material. This means that rather than simply being the top layer of the material, the inks actually penetrate the surface of the material. This makes the prints less susceptible to fading or decoration with the passage of time.
Thousands of Colors to Choose From
Other types of printing methods have a limitation of colors which they can use to create a final image. However, in sublimation printing the choices are endless as printed images can be created with bright and dazzling colors. Even when choosing a four-color printer for sublimation printing, thousands of colors can be produced, giving you the ability to print life-like images with ease. Those who want to add extra colors to their design can easily do so since the additional cost is bare minimum.
With sublimation printing, no plates required. Hence, you can customize your images the way you see them fit. Changes can be made to your prints whenever they are required without much of a hassle or additional cost. This convenience is one of the best factors that makes sublimation printing the best choice in the industry.
Relevance of Use
The most highlighted benefit of using sublimation paper and sublimation inks to produce your printed images is that they can be used in a timely manner without any cooling or downtime. Since sublimation is easy and quick to dry, printed images can be used on the very same day and within the very same hour they have been printed in. This provides a lot of risk aversion for prints to become damaged as they can be delivered and used as soon as you want them.